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Personal History

My name is Jacob Theodore Reich and I love to ride! My dad Jay and mom Angela take me to as many races as possible. My dog Macey comes too, she's a Chocolate Lab. I'm thankful to have a supportive family that loves me.

Riding Goals

Currently I ride a 50cc King Cobra, but I'm looking forward to moving up onto a 65! I can't wait to learn how to shift through the gears. My dream is to become a professional rider. 

On our way to races I listen to my two favorite songs. Both are by Mayzee, one is called "Me and My Dirtbike" and the other is called "Born to Win"! They get me pumped up and in the zone!

Competitive Highlights

2016 was my first year racing motocross and I earned 8th place overall 50cc Novice at Pacific Raceways, and this year in currently the leader of the 50cc Open Class. I can't wait to get that big trophy!