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Personal History

I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 5 years old, and it's been a passion of mine since I can remember from riding and playing with dirt bike toys, this is in my blood and feel I was born to race as a Professional rider some day. My parents bought me my first dirt bike and I fell in love with it, they had to pry the grips out of my hands at night even at a young age because I enjoyed it that much. When my parents got divorced and money was really tight I stopped riding, but soon realized I felt that feeling and needed to get back on a bike. 

My parents realized this as well, and they both decided they wanted to see me back on it riding because they knew how happy it made me to be on a dirt bike doing what I loved the most. In four short months I was racing in a 85 class and made people realize that I was serious about this and how much joy this brought to me. I entered a race and actually won every class I was in during that event, since then I have raced many events ranging from South East, North East, Central areas and have made a name for myself in the Motorcross world. I have placed in those events ranging from 4th to 8th place, and have earned a name for myself in this short amount of time I have been back on a dirtbike. I have gained tickets for three major events and one being invited to Loretta Lynn's Ranch for the AMA races, I am proud to say in the 2 years I have been back to racing I have accomplished what most kids, adults have not done. 

I take riding to a new level I ride as much as I can, I am now being home schooled so I can focus on riding and get in track time to better my racing ability's to I can be a better racer in the long run. I also have attended motorcross camp in Georgia for a month to get my riding dialed in so I can perform better on the tracks. 


Riding Goals

I would like to be a Professional rider, that is and has always been my goal as long as I can remember. I strive to beat my lap times and try to find ways to always improve my skills on the track. I will watch videos of myself to see what I can improve on or make better so when I am out racing I have a better understanding on how I ride. I also ride every chance I can get, if it's from getting track time in or just riding on some back roads I am on a bike and I am making my riding habbits better. 

Competitive Highlights

My biggest highlights would be coming back and being able to win all races I entered when I was younger, and then only two years back on the seat I was able to get the invite to Loretta Lynn's ranch. This has set new standards for me and I will keep raising the bar higher everytime to be that professional rider that I have so longed for.