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Personal History


My name is Jake Conners and I have been riding motorcycles since I was 7 years old. My first bike was a PW 80 in 2007. From now to back then I have come along way. Now I am currently riding a YZ 85. I starting competing when is was ten years old on a Kawasaki 65.  In the past I have done most of the races in Northern Nevada, mostly close to Reno, NV. Now Ive started racing regionally.

Riding Goals

My Riding/ Racing Goals for the future are becoming the next Motocross champion in the world. Yes, I know it takes a lot to achieve my goals. I have currently been getting into bigger racing association in California, and soon to be racing Nationally.  I am willing to work  to achieve my goals and  I'm going to need some help to get their. I believe Sponsors can help me achieve my goals as a Motocross Rider.

Competitive Highlights

Some of my competitive Highlight of my racing career are Improving  in every time I  practice  and train.  I practice and train as hard as I can because I am willing to work as hard as I can to get to achieve my goal to become the best.  Last year I was Injured for the Nevada SMRA Regionals due to broke collar bone in the fall series. Other than that I have been doing very well in working to achieve my goals.