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Personal History

I started racing BMX in Southern California when I was 5-11 years old. I had an old kx 60 and rode for fun, but when I got a new kx 85 I quit racing BMX and started racing motocross at glen helens REM series. I raced minis from age 12-14. My best being a 6th in the supermini class in the golden state nationals series. I raced school boy for a short while, then moved up to the 250 and 450 C class. I raced the Yamaha dealer series and also another season at the golden state nationals in those classes. I was mostly a top ten finisher. I was forced to stop racing for financial reasons. Now ten years later, I live on my own in Montana and I’m back to racing. This time on my own dime. This will be my second full season racing off-road and am looking forward to the 250 A class. I post pictures, videos, and sponsor shoutouts on my instagram account @jake.reinert

Riding Goals

Move to the A class in 2019

Enter some regional/national races

Eventually turn pro

Race the Erzberg rodeo in Austria or any of the events in the WESS series

Competitive Highlights

3rd place in the 2018 406 XC series (250 B)