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Personal History

I am 16 years old and a student at the Carver High School in Carver Massachusetts. I have a younger sister, Hailey who is 11years old and loves to sing and figure skate. I have a younger brother Josh, who is 13 and loves math, ping pong, and also riding with me on our practice track. My Dad works for the Olive Garden, but brings us to the track every weekend with my Mom who works for the Carver School System. Racing really is an entire family event for us.

I started riding motorcycles when we moved here from Cape Cod about four years ago. This is my third year racing, and I love it. My first series ever was four years ago. I rode my old 85 and was not able to finish three of the motos due to mechanical problems, but I still came in 11th out of 48 riders.

We made a family decision to stick with racing and bought a new Raptor toy hauler and a 2007 Honda 150R. I joined the N.C.S.C. and signed up for the spring series. This time I ended up fourth overall. After that series, I bought a brand new 2008 Honda 150R and started the Fall Series. I ended up winning that series, coming in first in the last seven motos.

Last year I jumped up to the Amateur class and won the the NCSC Fall Series

  This year I started racing my Kawasaki 250 F and in August, I won the Maine State Championship for the Youth C Class.



I attribute a big part of my succes to my family for supporting me and to my mentor, Keith Johnson, whose riding school I have been attending fot the three years, he is great.

I love riding and racing and the friends I make around New England because of our love of the sport. Don't get me wrong, I love winning, and the feeling of chasing down another rider and taking him on the inside on the final turn to take the checkered flag, but to me its really about the times I share with the people around me and the lessons we learn together about sportsmanship, integrity, and celebrating life.



Riding Goals

Next year, I will start racing outside of the N.C.S.C. more and try to make it to the National Championship at Loretta Lynne's.......

Competitive Highlights


  • 2013 Maine State Championship Youth B Winner
  • Raced in the 250C and 250 Mod classes at the Amatyeur Nationals at Loretta Lynn's last Summer.
  • I came in 4th in the New England Regional Championship this Labor day Weekend
  • I won the Maine State Championship in Lyman Maine in 2009.
  • I graduated from the Keith Johnson Racing School this Summer.
  • This is only my fourth year racing, the best is yet to come.