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Personal History

Been in Knox since I was born.My dad used to ride a lot in his days and is my trainer now. When I was 9 he got me a TTR 125L. It was my first bike. I had a Yamaha 4 zinger and a honda fourtrax 125 as a child. But I always wanted a bike. One day he came home with that TTR in the back of our truck. I was so excited. I used that until I was 10 and a half... We were tight on money at the time so he bought me my 2003 YZ 250 after my TTR to save in the long run. But I had experience from a friend's kx 125.

Riding Goals

I want to compete in the ARWC Events locally in the 2015-2017 season. I want to bring home trophies. If I don't I'm going to be disappointed.

Competitive Highlights

I have not competed yet. I don't want to go in to the race and get crushed. I have 5 years of experience now and I think I'm getting there.