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Personal History

Hey there! So I’m gonna give you a little back story. Originally I am from Queens, New York and moved to Florida in the early 2000’s with my parents. My father kept driving us by a track we thought was a motocross track in Palm Beach. One day we pulled into the track only to find out it was a BMX track and that’s where my story began. I raced bmx from 2001 to 2008 where it became an Olympic sport. Once I turned pro a dream of mine was to make the Olympic team. Sadly, I ended up wadding it up pretty good and breaking my back. From 2008 to 2017 I stayed away from anything on 2 wheels. But now I’m back and having more fun then ever while competing in Mx and Sx. I have raced Lorettas (amateur race day after pro race), Daytona RCSX, Gold cups in Florida, Florida motocross series ( currently 4th in points in 30+), winter ama in Florida and mini o’s. I don’t plan on stopping here any time soon. 

Thank you for reading, 


Riding Goals

So my riding goals are to always keep it on two wheels and to become a little more competitive in the 30+ class. Going up against guys who have been racing their whole lives is fun for sure but sometimes I want to be in the front of the battles! I also want to travel to other states and hit a couple of races. 

Competitive Highlights

Currently 4th in points in the Florida motocross series (30+), 2nd over all at a local i4mx race, 4th over all at Tampa mx, qualifies for both mains at RCSX Daytona last year (30+, and 30+ b/c)