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Rider Updates

Mar 18 2018

First ride of the season! Definitely dusting the rust off coming back from 2 broken ankles. Feeling really good though and lots of motivation going into the season!

Jan 28 2018

4 months from having surgery on both ankles. Going full time at the gym and about 90% now! Results and healing have been amazing, thank god! Have about 2 months to go before the season starts! I think I’ll be in the best shape of my life and ready to ride! Thanks again for all the support from sponsors, family, and friends! 

Nov 21 2017

Officially walking and started rehab of my own.  Swimming for starters and just plain old walking to bring back flexibility.  Hopefully in a month I'll be able to start serious weight training.  Everything is going as planned and to top it all off I signed on to ride with Babbitt's Online out of Muskegon MI.  2018 is going to be one heck of a year!

Oct 27 2017

Stitches came out last week and healing up good.  3 more weeks on crutches and I can finally start physical therapy!  My timeline is going well and on track.  Physical therapy first, then lotsa gym time, and I'll be better than ever come spring time to race!  Cannot wait!  Really thankful for all the sponsors that have brought me on board and sticking with me through all this!  2018 is going to be an exciting year!

Oct 15 2017

The ankles are healing up nicely.  Bandages have come off and the remaining stitches come out in 2 days.  I'm crutching on one ankle and if all goes well I'll be on both ankles in 1-3 weeks, preferably the shorter.  Then comes the mission of getting into the gym and busting my butt to not only get back to 100% but in even better health than before.  2018 is going to be a great one!

Sep 17 2017

I wanted to thank my sponsors for all the support in 2017. It has been a huge growing year getting back into a sport I loved as a kid. Gaining back that competitive feeling and great friendship along the way is exacty why I love this sport! As I was preparing for an AMA District 14 race this weekend, I unfortunately had a bad landing towards the end of a practice night. I came up short on a jump, landed in the flat, and ended up breaking both my ankles! I'm really disappointed the end of my season had to come with this BUT even before surgery, I'm already planning my timeline and anxious to get back into the gym to work my butt off! I'm really looking forward to coming out in the 2018 season even stronger and prepared than I was in 2017. I started back to riding and racing in 2017 to really just see how it would go, not taking it too seriously at first. BUT after a great season and realizing how much this is all still in my blood, I'm even more excited for next year! Thank you again for the rider support and second childhood lol.