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Rider Updates

Dec 19 2010

James practiced on attack positions along with right & left turns.

Dec 12 2010

Weather is 15 Degrees with a few inches of snow on the ground. James did not practice today! Good to be safe.

Dec 5 2010

Weather is 22 degrees today with Snow Flurries and Icy Ground. James did not practice today to be safe.

Nov 28 2010

James practiced on a oval circle track with orange cones exercising attack position on straight away and proper leg placement on left and right turns. 5 laps to the left and 5 laps to the right. He then practiced doing the figure 8 position learning to make tight turns on the 2 orange cones. James did excellent overall.

Nov 21 2010

Today I had fun learning the fundamentals of MX exercising, Learning the attack position and learning to place legs in proper positions for right and left turns and elbow up placement. I rode for about 1 hr practicing these techniques. I am looking forward to continue learning with Professional Coach Wes Lawrence next sunday, but mt dad and I will continue to practice these techniques everyday this week until he moves me to the next step.