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Rider Updates

May 26 2017

Just found out today, that I was able to end the 2016-2017 Mid-South Cross Country series 7th out of 31 in Vet C 30+. This is great news due to the fact that I was only able to contest 3 rounds before injury. 2017 has started great. I currently sit 3rd in points in the Vet B 30+ class with the Crossroads Racing Series with 1 win on the season. The Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series starts on May 28th. I can't thank all my sponsors enough. 

Feb 5 2017

Due to unpredictable issues, I have not been able to race in 2017. With the current schedule, my first race will be February 26th at the Badlands in Attica, IN.

Jan 11 2017

After many conversations and thought, I have decided to advance myself to the Vet B 30+ class. I know that doing this will keep me from winning the Vet C 30+ championship with the Mid-South Cross Country Series. I feel that it is not helping me get any faster. Starting January 22nd, I will compete in my first Vet B race with the Mid-South Cross Country Series. Look for an update to see how the race went.

Jan 6 2017

With 2016 coming to a close, some racers have started making plans for the 2017 season. Others, like myself, are still in heated battles. The Mid-South Cross Country Series as hit the half way mark, 6 down and 6 to go. This winter series travels through out Kentucky and Tennessee with one stop in Indiana. The first three rounds went better than I could have planned. 1-2-1 finishes is a great way to start any series, but unforeseeable circumstances cause me to miss the next three rounds. With the most recent update in points, I have a 3 point lead heading into the last 6 rounds. This is great news. I look forward to have a great battle for the championship.

Oct 2 2016

After working my way into 1st by the end of lap 1. Lap 2 ended with a flat rear tire and a DNF. 7th out of 8 in my class and 70th out of 72 overall. Next weekend starts the 16-17 Mid-South Cross Country season. Hopefully we will have a good race and be within the top 5 in points.

Sep 18 2016

The last round of the Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series had ups and downs. Started the race in 10th.  By the end of the first lap I was second. I battled with third place for two laps before opening a gap. With 2 laps to go, I misjudged a rut, and hit a tree. I was fine, but the bike was not. The front break locked up, and I had to withdraw from the race.

Sep 4 2016

Today I raced The Bomber event for Crossroads Racing Series. I was able to get my hydration level were I needed for this race. I was able to get the holeshot and lead to the checked. When I crossed the finish line, I was 1st out of 9 in my class, and 5th out of 94 overall. This improvement confirms my faith in Ryno Power and what they have me doing. Now, on to the next race.

Jun 27 2016

On June 26th, I competed in Rd#4 of the Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series. The race was held at Interlake SRA in Tennyson, IN. I felt more ready for this event than any before. I am working with Ryno Power, and just knew that I had hydrated. Unfortunately, with temps over 100 degrees, I was only able to finish 3 of 4 laps. I ended up 13th out of 19 in my class. 97 out of 147 overall. I am going to continue my work to get the results I want.

Jun 23 2016

As I transition into offroad racing, I have not a huge whole in my fitness level. Primarily in my hydration level. I have been working with Ryno Power and their staff to get myself to the next level. I'm ready to start putting the results I know I can get on the board.

Oct 30 2015

Very happy to announce that I have reached a deal with Fly Racing and WPS. This partnership should really help make 2016 a better year.

Jun 18 2014

Getting everything ready for the races on Sunday. This is my first race with the Mid-America Motocross Series. It will be a great chance to see where my strengths and weaknesses are. 

Feb 18 2014

As I continue to prepare for the 2014 MX season, I could not imagine doing it without all my sponsors. New for 2014, an non MX company has jumped on board to help with the growing cost of racing. So I want to welcome Intimidation Clothing. This MMA inspired clothing company is now entering the MX market. Check them out,

Oct 20 2013

The 2013 season did not go as planned. After winning my first amateur national championship, I expected to be on top of the local scene. Instead, I was only able to race a handful of times. Looking to 2014, I have the support of my family and many great sponsors. 2014 will be a season full of racing.

Oct 10 2012

On Oct. 3-7, 2012, I attended the Branson USA Amateur National Championships. I was able to bring home one championship in Plus 25. This is my first amateur championship, and I hope not my last. I couldn't do this without my sponsors. So thank you for all your help.

Jul 31 2012

Added several new videos to my site, All with the GoPro Hero 2. This past Sunday, 7/29, Rocky, Chase, and myself went to Lincoln Trail Motosports for Round #6 of the Showdown Series. Everyone came home safe, and hopefully moved up in the points.

Jul 27 2012

Just got back from Norman, OK. I raced the Plus 25 class in the 37th Annual NMA Grand National Championships. I came home with a second overall. Not mad for my first national. Huge thanks goes out to Lord, all my family and friends that support me though this week, and all my sponsors that hooked me up before we left, and while we were there. Headed to Lincoln Trail Motosports in Casey, IL this Sunday for the next round of the Showdown Series. To see Pictures from Norman, click here.

Oct 14 2010

After spending 10 weeks of healing, all the tendons and nerves are finally ready for racing. My right hand looks really nasty, but I'm back to training and getting ready for the 2011 Arenacross season.

Dec 24 2009

Mar 19 2006

In 250cc A action, James Hays (835) put his two-stroke out front in moto one, ahead of Caleb Russell (66), Tom Bradley (367), Chris Snidle (192) and Michael Bender (870). On lap three, Bradley went inside on Hays to take the lead. Bradley collected the moto win, trailed by Hays and Adam Young.

In the second moto, Bradley got out front and never looked back. Hays suffered a bad start and had to play catch-up. Bradley collected the win, and it looked like Snidle had second until Hays dipped inside in the turn before the checkers. Bradley (1-1), Hays (2-2) and Young (3-4) topped the podium.

“My favorite part of the track today is the section before the infield tabletop,” Bradley said. “You make the tight right-hander and the sweeping left, it seems to be a pretty fast section.”

“The track is real fast today,” Hays commented. “There are multiple lines, and you can go anywhere you want. I would like to thank my parents, Simpson and M2R.”