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Personal History



Hello from Misawa Japan,
Like everybody I dream about riding during the week and spend my weekends either practicing or racing.  2014 was a great season and had a lot of fun going from race to race. I’ve met so many kind Japanese people who have helped on my way and travels. Finished the year with a second overall in the NB class of the (MFJ) Tohoku Series and moved up to the NA class with a yellow plate number 02 for 2015.  Had the chance to race a couple Japanese Nationals this year and was a great learning experience. I know it takes a team effort to win, from sponsors help to mechanic and coaching support all to make a successful season. Why would one want to sponsor some one like me?  I work hard, don’t like to lose, and enjoy the competition. Also I race in Japan where sponsor can get their product out to the public overseas.  For all those sponsors that help out, I appreciate the discounts, it takes a little burden off my back when its time to replace some of those expensive things that keep my bike roosting.

James Sherrill

Riding Goals

Looking forward to the 2015 series and hope to race more of the Japan Nationals.

Competitive Highlights