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Personal History

I've been around offroad racing my entire life. I grew up racing Jr. Enduros making my way from the mini class up to the top of the Junior A class. Since I could fit on a full-size bike I have been riding KTM. I started racing motocross at age 14. Having the enduro background helped me greatly on the track and it took me only 2 years to make my way into the 125A class. I still raced the occasional enduro here and there. I always finished top 10 in NEMA (New England Motocross Association) untill I suffered a shoulder injury in early 2006. After a few years of recouperation, I joined NESC (New England Sports Committee) and entered the 250B class on a KTM 450. After a few months In August, 2008 I faced every riders worst nightmare, an injury that could possibly end my racing carreer. At Central Village I overshot a tripple landing with such an impact that it shattered my left heel and ankle. After 6 months of wheel chairs and crutches, I was finally walking again. I was determined to eventually return to racing. In 2009 I attempted racing in several NETRA (New England Trail Rider Association) harescrambles in the B200 class on a KTM 200XC. My ankle was still in no condition to race. Since then I have been on a strict training schedule trying to get myself back in racing condition. This past season, 2011, was my first full year back on the bike.

My first season back went very well, as I was able to quickly get myself promoted back into the A class in the J Day Offroad Racing series. This season I plan on finishing at the top of the A 250 class. To prepare for this season, I have been training 7 days a week. I'm getting faster and faster each race bringing myself closer to my goal.

Outside of racing, I recently started my own business, Simmons Motorsports, that I plan to eventually tie into the sport. I'm also busy with other sports and hobbies such as street bikes, bmx, and mountainbiking. In the off season I snowmobile and snowboard.

Riding Goals

My main goals for the 2012 season are:

1. Win the A 250 overal in the J Day Offroad series

2. Be Promoted to AA/Pro

3. Compete in at least 3-5 GNCC's to familiarize myself with the format as they will be my main focus in 2013

Competitive Highlights

In my early racing carreer, I had many 1st and 2nd place finishes in the NETRA Jr. Enduro series. Racing MX in NEMA I was able to move from the 125C class to 125A in under 2 years. Once I moved up, with the execption of a few mechanical failures, I never finished outside the top 10. My biggest highlight was probably my ankle injury. It forced me to adopt a smoother, more calculated riding style that has payed off in recent racing. It only took me 3 races to be promoted out of the 250B class and in my first A race last year I pulled the holeshot and led the first few laps. With a little more training I'll be leading this class as well.