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Rider Updates

May 7 2012

Round 2 of the JDay Offroad Racing series went much smoother than round 1. The course was a mix of tight muddy/rooty trails and more open grass-track style terrain. In moto 1 I pulled off a 3rd place start just to get caught up after second place went dow in the third corner. I managed to catch back up to 9th by th eend of the moto. In moto 2 I started in 7th losing a few positions by the end of the race finishing 9th in the moto and overall for the day. My fastest lap time, a 5:03, was only a few seconds off the fastst lap of the first place rider. With a little more practice and endurance training I should be able to keep that pace and start running closer to the front.

Apr 16 2012

JDay Offroad Round 1 track conditions were not exactly desireable. The course was this hilly mess of loose rocks, sand, and dust. On top of that  my bike was having issues in the first moto. I had trouble starting the bike at the start and was caught in the dust the entire race. After a carb clean between motos, the bike seemed to be running better. However in moto 2 I again had trouble at the start of the race. The rider next to me lost control of his bike launching it right into the back of my bike in the first corner. After getting the bikes untangled, I caught up to about 10th place when I was hit from behind by another rider who decided to be a poor sport about being passed. I went down hard injuring my back bringing my day to an end. Hopefully I'll be healed up by the next race. I'll be going into round 2 with a different attitude all together.

Mar 12 2012

The 2012 Alligator was great event overall. I Started on row 1, first rider to leave and the first rider to finish. Starting on row 1 came with its own challenges. The vegitation was very thick and there was lots of new trai. Not having any lines to follow made it easy to miss corners. At one point during the first section I lost a full 10 minutes after missing a turn and struggling to find my way back to the course. On top of that, it had rained pretty heavily day before making parts of the course very slippery. Overall I was happy to finish and can't really complain about 4th place in A 250 after not riding at all since late summer. A few adjustments to the bike and a little training and I should be ready for round 1 of the J Day Offroad series in April

Aug 19 2011

I was just promoted to the 250A class for this past race. Although I some issues with my rear suspension and did not finish, I did manage to pull the holeshot and lead the first few laps of the race proving I'm more than capable of excelling in this class. With a little more training and hopefully a new bike, I'll be winning A in no time.