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Personal History

I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA. I started to get interested in dirtbikes and motocross in the mid 90s when I began to watch the races on TV around 10 years old. I immediately became hooked on the sport and Jeremy McGrath became my hero.

I came to learn that my dad had raced in his younger years at Indian Dunes, a famous track that once existed here in Southern California. His stories of racing made me realize that this is a sport I could actually participate in. It took a couple years of begging, but one day my dad came home with a well used and worn 1988 Kawasaki KX80. That bike kick-started many years of riding and occasional racing. As I grew older I owned various 125s, 250s (2-strokes), and finally a 450 4-stroke.

As I grew older into my mid 20s, responsibilities took over and I sold my bikes.

After a 6 year hiatus, I found that my love of the sport never waned and I knew that I would never be truly happy unless I was riding again. Today, I find myself back on a dirtbike, practicing nearly every weekend, and racing frequently in the +30 Vet Intermediate class.