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Personal History

I'm 16 years old and I've been riding since I was about 14. I live in Stroud, OK. I live in the country and we have a lot of land and my friends and I love to just hang out and build jumps in my pasture. I plays all sports(except baseball) at my school and I'm ranked 3rd in my class(3.95 GPA). I like rap and a little older rock. I love jumping and I think that's the strongest part of my racing, Obviously it's a big advantage on the track if I can do some jumps my competitors can't. I'm always tryin to improve(especially on starts and turns!) and get faster. Basically I just love motocross and probably always will.

Riding Goals

WIN! Well I have two main goals: Winning, but also doing every event possible. I want to go to every practice, every race, and every open ride I can, and on top of that I want to finish atleast in the top five at every race, if not win.