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Personal History

Jared Robins born May 4th 2004. Has been riding before his first birthday.

Jared loves to ride. Doesnt matter if he is tearing up the desert on a single track, riding a northern fire trail in the mountains, or screaming arcoss a local mx track, Jared loves to ride!

When Jared cant be out ripping on his dirt bike, he enjoys riding bmx, pro scooters, skateboarding, and wake boarding.

Fall Jared plays football with the Lil Cardinals and is a center.

Riding Goals

I want to finish the Copper State Classic standing on the podium!

looking foward to winning the series on my kx65

Cant wait to start my next season! stepping up to the 85cc/150cc class!!

Competitive Highlights

Won first place at the Copper State Classic round 1 February 28th 2016

Won first place at the Copper State Classic round 2 March 3rd 2016