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Personal History

Ben Anderson aka next Villopoto! :)

             Ben started riding at 4 years old on a 50cc quad then moved up to a TTR 50cc and maxed that out in two months. By 5 years old we got him his first KTM pro junior and upgraded to a newer KTM pro junior just after his 6th birthday. He recently got a 2005 KTM pro senior and he has been racing this season at PIR's Thursday Night Motocross. He started out riding on a homemade backyard track that is small, but was our attempt to give him seat time until we were able to get him to a real track. His very first race ever was at Mt. View MX Park and he placed 2nd in his class. His first race was only his second day on an actual track that fallowed the practice day the day before. He finished 2012 racing at PIR and Mt. View. This season we have kept him strictly at PIR on his senior and he has soared to the leader spot in his class and is now being moved up to the 50 junior class! He has pulled the hole shot nearly every time, placed 1st nearly every time (one DNF due to bike malfunction) and is leader in points. We try as hard as we can to financially support his dream of being the next Ryan Villopoto; his favorite rider. All he talks about is how he can't wait to be at that level one day. He is fearless, but not reckless, very focused and learns very quick. We have always been on him about safety, not riding over his head, but at the same time pushing himself to achieve his goals. We also have taken the time to educate him on riding, responsibility, strong values, the function and mechanics of the bike, the sport and pro riders. We didn't just hand him a bike. Although we don't have all the money that some parents may have to dedicate to motocross we still support our son 100% and try as hard as we can to get the things he needs as he grows physically and as a rider. We will do whatever it takes to make his dream come true because we see his full dedication and love of the sport. He has progressed at an amazing pace and would excel even quicker given the right training, seat time and support all of which we will provide for him, but are hoping for some help with. We are the average middle class working family with two children whom have a mother that stays home with them to make sure they have all the emotional, physical and educational support they deserve. Every child has the potential to be whoever they want to be and our son says that he WILL be a pro motocross rider. :) Off the track he enjoys BMX, catching bugs, football, time with friends and his big sister! 

Riding Goals

           Ben's Current Goals:

  • Progress in all areas.
  • Get faster on the corners and learn to clear parts of the rhythm sections better.
  • Get more seat time and experience at more tracks with as many different settings, terrain and levels of required riding.
  • To become more well rounded and to learn more about the responsibility, dedication, hard work, physical health, bike function and good values that go along with becoming a pro rider.
  • To keep up on the latest safety gear and techniques

Competitive Highlights

Ben; Focused and Determined

        Ben is not afraid to push past the other riders during a race and is not intimidated or afraid of being close to the riders, riders being behind him or in front of him. He is completely focused on the track, race and getting to that checkered flag. He is a natural right out of the gate. He pushes himself but not in a reckless way. He wants "to win the trophy" as he says and is very competitive. He has a very calculated way of riding that we have noticed.