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Personal History

Hi! My name is Jase Delamater and I am 6 years old. I have been riding anything with two wheels since I was a year and a half old. I started out on my strider and then moved up to a PW50 and CRF50. This year my parents decided to let me take it to the next level and start racing. I have fell in love with this sport and won't let my parents take a weekend off from it! I am currently riding a Cobra 50JR and a PW50. I enjoy the competitiveness of racing. 

Riding Goals

My biggest riding goal is to get on the big track next year in the 50JR class. I practice hard on the big track which is helping me build my confidence and ability to do so. Another one of my goals is to work on my hole shots and passing. I know it is important to be out front as soon as possible but if not I also know its very important to be able to make a good clean pass.  

Competitive Highlights

One of my biggest highlights is being 3rd overall in one of our local summer series on my Cobra JR. I took two first place wins in this series and it made me feel on top of the world! Also I had a great weekend at Valley MX on 9/6/20 and 9/7/20. I finished with a 2nd and 3rd overall on my PW50. This event showed me that I can do anything I set my mind to! I put in great corner work on this weekend and pulled some great hole shots.