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Personal History

In the early 90’s I begged my father to buy me a bike after my older brother got one. I cried my eyes out when he said no. Later that year my older sister came through with a DS80. My first bike and my passion for riding began. I rode the wheels off that bike eventually graduating to riding my brothers RM125. Juggling between riding and play football I decide to stick with riding as I grew up. In 1997 my brother bought a CR250 and from that point on it’s been Ride Red all the way. After graduating my brother financed 3 new CR250 two for him and one for me. Riding became an every weekend ordeal for me. Eventually my brother would suffer injury but it never stopped me from continuing on. In 2003 I began racing hare scrambles in the Florida Trail Riders (FTR). After a career change and a personal illness I was forced to cut back for a couple of years. In February of 2012 my brother decided it was time to start riding again and my lovely wife agreed. She went out a bought me a new 2012 CRF450. I’m fortunate to have a wife who supports my passion for riding. As my wife and I are expecting our first child in early 2013 I look forward to the camping trips, race weekends and the time I can spend with my family and our friends who ride.

Riding Goals

Now that I have started trail riding again, I’m looking forward to racing again. I plan on rejoining the Florida Trail Riders in 2013.  The plan is to compete in 4-6 events. My goal is to be competitive in the Open class since I’ve been out of racing the past few years.

Competitive Highlights

After joined the Florida Trail Riders (FTR) in 2003, I began racing hare scrambles. Entering into multiple events around Florida the next couple of years I developed into a top 12 rider. At first, I started in the 250cc class and eventually moving to the Open class once I made the transition to a 450cc.