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Rider Updates

May 24 2020

Back to Monster Mountain! Haven't ridden here in 4 years.... Good to be back. Bike is running awesome! Unfortunately for me I blew out a fork seal. Other wise, great day of riding ....

May 16 2020

CGI MX compound in Edgefield, SC.... Neat layout. My first time at this track. Long roller/whoop section that was pretty cool. Got really dusty about mid-day and the guy running the place got it watered down. Plan on going back there soon...

May 9 2020

Big Springs MX this weekend. Joel had the track prepped great! Not to crowded today. Still breaking in my bike and getting my set-up down.

May 2 2020

1st ride on my new YZ450F! This bike is a beast... Aiona Pass MX, track was sweet. Huge ruts....

Apr 27 2015

Rode at Highland Park today. Track was great. 450 and the 250 are running sweet! Can't wait for the qualifier at Monster Mountain...(make-up for the rain out)

Apr 13 2015

Yesterday was a great ride day! went to Highland Park MX.... Matt Shue did an awesome job with the new layout. Nice overcast day. got in a few hrs of hard riding..

Mar 30 2015

Another practice weekend at the Monster and the 250's screaming!!! The 450 is screaming for help... Thought we had it fixed without having to replace the clutch, but it didn't work out that way. So, I'll be practicing on the 250 only(again) next weekend. But, come qualifier, I will be ready :-)  !!!!!

Mar 25 2015

Okay !!! Kawasaki fixed my radiator free of charge !! 250's ready to rock. Still need to replace clutch in the 450. I will be ready for the L.L.Q. @ Monster Mountain April 18-19 with both bikes... (CAN'T WAIT) My home away from home :-)

Mar 15 2015

Rd. 1 @Lazy River was canceled due to heavy rain all week... So went to the Monster for practice and my clutch went out on my 450 and my new 250 started blowing coolant out from a weld            ( 3.3 hrs) on the bike! Anyway, new clutch and radiator and racing next weekend !!!

Mar 14 2015

Okay. Been to Monster Mountain to practice the last 2 wknds!! Getting my bikes ready for the series. Found out yesterday that Rd. 1 of the BIG Series @ Lazy River MX was cancelled due to the rain...( I LOVE mud ). They moved that race to the middle of May. Soooo, back to the Monster to train.Rain or shine. Also , posted pics of my new Monster Army graphics. The 250 looks sick! Will be ordering the 450's graphics next week.... And next weekend... Aiona Pass MX. Rd. 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 7 2015

Monster Mountain wknd.... dialing in my 250 in. BIG Series starts next weekend ! LAZY RIVER MX...... Rode yesterday for about 4 hrs and will get a full day of riding today!

Mar 1 2015

Finally.... Break-in ride at Monster Mountain for my new KX250f. Overcast day but the track is great !!!

Jan 11 2015

YEA !!!! Just picked up a 2012 KX 450f.... And should have my 2015 KX 250f within a week. I can't wait for the season to start. 250B and 450B. Now it's bike prep time. See ya at the track !!!!

Jan 1 2015

Monroe MX.... Track was great. Took the 125 just to play on and had a blast. Got there around noon and stayed till almost dark. Put in a couple of long practice sessions... Won't be long now... Brand new 2015 KX250f.... Just a couple of weeks left

Dec 15 2014

Great day of riding at Highland Park !!!! Track was a bit frozen in the shade early on, but towards the afternoon it was nice.... Got a good 6 hour session

Nov 10 2014

Well it was a good weekend ! Had the BIG Series Banquet on Saturday. I got 1st in the 250B class. I would like to take this time to thank ALL of my sponsors!!!!!! Without the help from ya'll, this wouldn't possible.Thank You Again,,,

Oct 26 2014

Ride day at Echeconnee MX ! LOVE the sand ! Had a blast. Track was great. It wasn't to hot. Just a GREAT day riding !!!!!

Oct 16 2014

Ride day at Monroe MX. Track was really muddy. Rain ALL day yesterday and the day before made it a challenge to lay down the lines. Still a day of seat time...



Sep 30 2014

It's official ! Points are counted and I won the 250B Championship in the Best In Georgia Series (BIG) !! It was a fun series. Got to meet some really good people...

Sep 28 2014

This was a great weekend for me ! I got my first 1st o.a. in the 250B class. Its all starting to click... The track had huge ruts popping up and was really rough. IT WAS AWESOME ! That won me the championship in the 250B class in the Best of Georgia Series... Lazy River MX is ALWAYS a killer place to race. This was also Battle of the States. Also, please say a prayer for Cody Newman who went down hard. They took him out on a Life Flight. He's really taken a beating. Get well soon Cody .

Sep 21 2014

Killer Race weekend at Highland Park MX... Great start in 1st moto. Was battling for 1st when other guy went down. I held 1st for a few laps then swapped out and went down myself. Got up and still maintained 2nd for the moto. 2nd moto start not as good as 1st, but moved my way up to 3rd. Thought I was going to catch the first two guys. We were all within 2-3 seconds of each other. I got a little side ways running for an uphill triple and lost some ground. I had to settle for third in that moto. But that was good enough for a 2nd O.A. in the 250B class....

Sep 13 2014

Great day of practice at Compound MX 101! There was about 3 riders when we got there but they left shortly there after. So I had the track to myself.... It was slick as crap in the morning and overcast. It started warming up around 1:00 and the track started drying out. I was able to start setting my lines. Biggest triple I have ever hit in the back section !!!! This track is fast. Mark has done a good job revamping the track. Can't wait to go back when some fast people are there !!!!

Sep 9 2014

Killer day of practice at Monroe MX !!!!! Rode with the owner, Ricky,  about three 20 minute motos. And for an older guy, he was flying ... Had a blast. Wasn't super hot cause of the cloud cover and a nice breeze. Track was in good shape. And there was only about 8 riders there...

Sep 1 2014

Not a great weekend! 1st moto,2 stroke, my shifter broke on the third lap. I got a DNF... My first moto in 250B, i dropped it in a corner and my clutch perch broke. Also I was taking some medication and between that and the heat, I got really light headed and sick. So I elected not to do my second set of moto's.... I'll get 'em at Highland Park in 2 weeks....

Aug 10 2014

Killer race weekend ! Aonia Pass MX. Track was muddy and super slick. Got a 1st in the 2 stroke am class and 2nd in the 250B class. It rained just a little bit on race day. Right at the start of my 2nd set of motos. But overall, it was a great weekend....

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