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Personal History

Born and raised in New York City's Lower East Side neighborhood, I was subjected to high energy, most times illegal motor sports. In the mid 90's I would sneak away to Hunts Point in the Bronx, NYC's most well known and infamous location for illegal street racing. I grew fond of the energy and allure almost immediately. What really caught my attention however was, these guys on sport bikes who were doing wheelies, endo's and burnouts in such a majestic fashion (for the time). I wanted to be them, I wanted to stunt the streets and show off. I started street stunting in 1997 and wrecked my bikes and my body many times over the years. In the early thru mid 2000's, I traveled the states and the caribbean as a videographer/editor/video producer of motorcycle stunt riding events and competitions. In my spare time I would ride bitch with my trusted "chauffer" and compile loads of stunt riding video footage in the streets of N.Y.C.. Soon after I had gotten hired on at Mass Appeal Magazine to launch and run "Mass Appeal TV", their online video project. I was able to promote stunt riding, amongst other urban lifestyles, and even had them use stunt riders as fashion models while stunt riding through out the city. I also wrote articles for the magazine and was a contributor.

Anyhow, I came to a point when I turned 30 years old, that I wanted to do something different with my life, I always loved the country and my heart yearned for it. I moved to Vail, Colorado and started life over. However, My 2 wheel addiciton would never leave me. Shortly after my move, I got into Down HIll mountain biking which led me to ride Moto ( it was only a matter of time). I was amazed at how quickly I took to riding a dirt bike. It's been my savior, my friend, my escape. When I'm not snowmobiling during the winter, I find some decent weather, a few hours away or so and get out on my bike. I started racing the WEBE racing series this past season as per recommendation from members of Rocky Mount Sport Riders (RMSR), a dirt bike group of which I am part of and was immediately hooked. 

I am a DJ and Event Producer and am constantly on the road working action sports events. I bring my dirt bike to the dirt based events that I work and use it to transport supplies from point A to point B. I use my bike at the Scott Enduro Cup (MTB event) in MOAB, Utah to ride out on the fly when needed and go do course inspection and run supplies to needed locations during the races. I will be on tour with TORC (The Off Road Championships) this spring and summer, for 7 locations and will have my bike there. I will be on track at times when it is called for and off track, making moves as necessary. When I DJ these types of events, I have my bike set up next to my DJ area. When I am back in Colorado, between events, I will be attending and competing in WEBE races, and see if there are any more events going on that I can attend. 



Riding Goals

My riding goals are to ride fast, ride smart, keep progressing, place higher at events, have fun with my friends and stay young! I want to go places on two wheels that I've never been before, make memories and leave an impression. Hopefully I will ride the Baja on my dual sport someday. These are some of my goals.

Competitive Highlights

Placed 7th at WEBE race series, (30, C Open Class) @Powder Horn, Colorado. July 11-12

Placing 1st at life!!! (Biggest Highlight)!!!!!!!