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Personal History

I am a 33yr old single father of two boys ages 4 & 10.  They both love to ride just like daddy does.  There couldn't be a more laid back person like myself.  Life has taught me to just sit back and not to go over board.  Just being greatful for those who help me and take the blessing and learn the lesson.  No smoke and mirrors here...what you see is what you get.  I cannot stand fake people who try to stack themselves up above everyone else. 

Just be yourself.  Consistency, focus and attitude is everything.

Riding Goals

Well it has been a dramatic year both on and off the track.  Having to go under the knife twice in just 3 months and then being out for 5 months has really made me sit back and take stock of my life and where I am going next.  No doubt I put my kids first above anyone or anything they have kept the desire to ride again by keeping them at the tracks riding themselves.  I am now focused on regaining my balance and strength back in my leg.  by November my plan is to be back on the tracks here in SoCal and racing by mid December.  As for the 2009 season, I am hoping to be able to get to the races atleast 2 times a month along with being there every off weekend with my two young boys letting them ride. 

Rubber side down is the only way to get across the finish line.