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Rider Updates

Sep 19 2008

Well after months and months of pain and walking like Quasimoto and wearing one freaking shoe I have now began to walk to a somewhat normal tempo.  While still not 100% it cant be long before I am.  My goal date is November 18th to be back on the SoCal tracks.  At some point during the 2009 season I am planning on traveling back home to Oklahoma and slinging some red dirt back there as well.  This has truely been a self check peroid of time as to whether or not I would be able to keep my foot or even walk like a normal person again.  Lots of deep inner searching and trying to keep the drive up for riding MX.  Well, I found it and it's stronger than ever my friends!  All I can say is you better hold on to your ass if you line up with me because there is no more holding back or taking it easy.  If your at the gates then it's game on.

Best of luck to all my MX buds and may you remain strong and healthy!

Thanks to all my sponsors for staying with me thru this time of human repair.

Ready Ready!!

Sep 4 2008

It's finally here!  DNA ENERGY DRINK has hit Long Beach, CA.  I know I get my morning started off with a tip of the can from DNA.  Be sure to stop by 7-11 and get yours so that you can get moving or stop by for even more goodies.  Don't be sucked into those other guys drinks just because everyone else does.  Step outside the box and get your hands on some quality merchandise!

5103 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804
Get Directions
(562) 597-0286

Jun 20 2008

Well it has been 10 weeks of hell.  If you have had your ankle shattered then you know what Im talking about.  The healing is good but slow.  I had a MRI done on 6/5/08 and things look great.  We just cannot figure out why the bone itself is not up to speed where it should be by this time.  The doc has given me an ultrasonic bone healing stimulator.  This device is supposed to speed up the bone healing by as much as 35%.  Cross your fingers, I hate not being able to ride.  The only good thing about this whole ordeal is that I am able to get some well needed quality time in with my 2 little boys 9/4. 

More updates as things progress.



810 Moto

Apr 20 2008

Looks like I am out for atleast 9-12 months.  If you ever get the chance to break your talus bone......PASS ON IT.  It hurts like a mofo!!!

Oh yeah, O'neal, YOUR BOOTS SUCK!  Had I worn a quality boot, this might have not happened.

Thanks to all my sponsors,  You guys rock!


Jason Sewell

Apr 13 2008

Well after half a day practing for Saturdays race, it all came to a snap popping hault.  Shot story long....both feet off the peg in mid biggie....landing on my left ankle....SNAP!  Needless to say I will be out for atleast 4-6 weeks.  see the photos if you want to know how bad. 

Be safe and keep checking back for updates.

J. Sewell


Mar 31 2008

After almost a year of working my ass off, I finally won 1st place on Satruday at the races put on by Podium Productions at the Milestone Ranch MX Park.

Thanks go out to all of my sponsors who made it possible for me.

CDMX Photography, APW Entertainment,Dunlop,Langston Racing, MSR, Utopia,Osiris,Vestal,Motoworld Racing, Panolin, DNA Energy Drink,
Moto-Master Brake Parts & Racer X. 

Next race in 2 weeks.  Stay tuned, I promise, it only gets better from here.

J Sewell.

Mar 23 2008

Well it has been a long year already and I have not even been able to get a race in.  HOWEVER, this coming Saturday, March 29th at 8am it is time to put all the hard work and effort to the test.  After being off for several months due to a hernia that final got the best of me, recovery and many other personal issues....I think I am ready to get it on. 

If you are in the riverside area be sure to stop on by and check me out.  Thanks to all my sponsors for the continued support and understanding during this past down time. 

Ride hard and be safe!

J Sewell.

Mar 4 2008

I just want to give a huge thanks to Chuch @ PANOLIN!!!!  I made page 6 of the 2008 catalog.  This is the 1st time ever I have been in any kind of pulication.  This came as a complete shock to me when I got my new 2008 catalog and just started going thru the pages and BAM, there I am!  I can't get enough of riding doing what I do and doing it well. 

Be sure to stop by the Panolin page and let them help you reach your goals!  

Feb 27 2008

Well surgery was on Friday morning.  It all went as planned and so far so good.  I am still a bit sore and swollen but all heals in due time.  Hernia surgery is no biggie but it is a lesson learned.  USE THE RAMP TO LOAD THE BIKE FROM NOW ON. 

Stay tuned my fellow riders, when the doc says go in 3-4 WILL be go time for sure.  I cannot even lift my bike to put it on the stand and it is killing me just having to look at it.  I drained the remaining fuel out last week and that is about as much as I can do for now. 

More updates to follow. 

Feb 20 2008

Well the time has come to get this hernia fixed , I hope only once.  Surgery is seheduled for Friday morning at 6am.  Is Starbucks open that early??????  Doc says 3-4 weeks before I am able to get back in the action.  I am pushing for the 3 week time line.  Just want to say thank you to all my sponsors and stay tuned.  The return of me to the 08 season will be destructive to all riders in the race.  

Oh yeah, one more thing....USE THE RAMP TO LOAD YOUR BIKE!!!!  HERNIAS DO HAPPEN.

Jan 30 2008

Well today I went to see my surgen about getting my hernia fixed.  I have to get an ultrasound done so that they are able to see exactly where the problem is before I can get cut up.  This will knock me out of contention for atleast 4 weeks. 

Cross your fingers and look for me on the race track in a month.

Jan 7 2008

Ok so about 4 months ago my belly button decided to start popping out.  I thought nothing of it and in fact had no pain at all until the 1st of 08.  I now have a bump on my right side and will be going to the doctors in the morning.  Hopefully this will be a quick operation and be able to get back on the track very soon.  I am excited about the 08 season but this is a hell of a way to kick it off.

Stay tuned for updates over the next few days.

Dec 27 2007

I would like to say thanks to Christina at CDMX PHOTOGRAPHY for taking all my photos.  Be sure to stop by and check out the web site, who knows, you even might be on it and dont know it.


Nov 20 2007

So almost 2 weeks have come and gone and I think it is time to get back on the track to see just how well my ankle will hold up. It's still sore but not as tender like last week. Thank god for Advil! Saturday will be the test. Time to click that ankle strap one more notch.

Let's Ride!