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Personal History

I have been riding since I was 3 years old. For my 3rd birthday my dad bought me an XR50 with a set of training wheels. I have been on 2 wheels ever since. Outside of motocross, I love the gym, I am a big hunter we have a ranch down in South Texas, wakeboard/wake surf, and hanging out with my Black Lab Kai.

Riding Goals

I ride motocross because I have such a strong passion for the sport. I have played in numerous other sports throughout my life, and I get burnt out on them, but with moto I have never gotten burnt out. Anytime Im on 2 wheels is my happy place. Riding motocross is my release from reality, my stress relief, my mind is wiped clean, and I don't think about anything other than the motorcycle. My friends/family always ask me if its worth it due to all my surgeries, but every time I have the same answer "absolutely". I come right back and get on the bike as soon as possible.

I have been back on the bike for 4 weeks now, I had clavicle surgery about a year ago from a wreck while training a younger rider.

My goal is to get back up to 100% on the bike this year. I am trying to race a few series towards the end of this year to get my self back in race shape for the 2022 season.