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Personal History

Jaxon Pascal,

Stated racing in 2011 on a KTM 50 junior.  He found success his first year riding and quickly outgrew the KTM Junior.   Mid year we moved to a KTM Senior and even though he was riding in a higher age group he was finding himself in mid-pack competition.   He finished the year in 6th place overall for the region.  Later that year he raced 4 supercross events and took first or second in three classes at every race.

Following the 2011 season Jaxon was at a local track practicing and as he was riding between two tracks a less experienced rider was going to fast on an 85 in the pits and hit Jaxon.  The crash broke his Tibia into 3 pieces and broke his Fibula.  Jax needed emergency surgery at Children’s hospital in Denver CO.  Two rods were threaded through his leg to keep his bones in place.  After 5 casts and 9 months recovery and physical therapy Jaxon came out Physically a 100% and mentally an even more awesome kid.  He never complained or blamed anyone for his situation.  As a family we had many conversations about wither or not this was a sport that we were willing to participate in with the risks that come with it.  Jaxon never lost his desire to ride and as a family we love the people we are with every weekend at the track. 

It seems uncommon to find passion and desire so strong I this world.  Jaxon has that passion and loves motocross and what it brings.  As a family we have decided to support his dreams and we love the opportunity to be with each other and genuinely good people almost every weekend of the year.
After Jaxons injury he was able to race in two local races and participate in Mesquite 2012 thanksgiving National.  He finished between 5th and 7th in each race with the disadvantage of a season on the sidelines. 

2013 was a great year!  As it is with Motocross we had some ups and downs.   Jax broke his wrist in early January racing the Rockstar Arena Cross in Rapid City South Dakota.  This injury set him back with training and with the first 5 area races of the year.   He came back strong and finished 4th and 5th in District 25, and 5th and 6th in the RMXA.  Not bad considering he missed a 4th of the races!


He is excited about 2014 and looking forward to putting in a full season.

Our family has been fortunate to find friends in most of the young Pro rider in our area and Jaxon benefits greatly form their influence on and off the track.  His riding coach (Robert Mondi AMA pro number 790) is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and works full time a Next Level sports performance as a trainer.  Jaxon applies himself daily to a training routine Robert has built and trains at least twice weekly at the track with Robert.

Jaxon and the entire Pascal family are looking forward to an awesome 2014!


So far 2014 has been great! consistently finishing on the Podium in the 7-9 65 class.  Also competing in the 85 9-11 class has been a great time, and Jax has been on the box a couple times and intends to put forth a great effort on 85's next year.  Assuming we will have an injury free finally to the Season Jax should finsih 4th overall in district 25, 65 7-9, 5th in 65 open.

Riding Goals

Jaxons 2015 goals

Have Fun!

Qualify for Loretta Lynns

Podium finish for RMXA 

Podium finish AMA district 25


Competitive Highlights

IMI Motorsports - 3/13/2011 - Dacono, Co
                               4TH – 4TH

Cactus Promotions - 4/3/2011 - Brush, Co
      3RD – DNF

Two River Racing - 5/8/2011 - Milliken, Co
      4TH -4TH

IMI Motorsports - 6/19/2011 - Dacono, Co
      4TH – 4TH

SARP Enterprises - 8/7/2011 - Colorado Springs, Co
      3RD – 1ST

Rock Star Indoor Motocross Series - Dec 10, 2011 4-6 50cc

2nd -1st

Rock Star Indoor Motocross Series - Dec 10, 2011 6-8 50cc

2nd - 9th

Rock Star Indoor Motocross Series - Dec 10, 2011 50cc open

2nd - 2nd

Rock Star Indoor Motocross Series - Jan 14, 2012 4-6 50cc 

1st - 1st

Rock Star Indoor Motocross Series - Jan 14, 2012 6-8 50cc

2nd - 2nd

Rock Star Indoor Motocross Series - Jan 14, 2012 open 50cc

2013 4th 50cc 7-8 AMA district 25

2013 5th 50cc 4-8 open AMA district 25
3rd - 5th