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Personal History

I will have a new bio up for 2016 soon. In all honesty I'm going to try my best to win but did very little riding with my youngest son who just turned 2, having health issues that required my full time attention and required my to stay at home to get him through the difficult times. He wouldn't let anyone else help him without going into panic and anxiety attack. This year my oldest Son will be my priority on race day and I'll be ready to race but if he requires my help I'll be there to help him but definitely will have my sponsors visible to everyone .  I'd like to sincerely thank my 2015 sponsors and having to stay at home didn't exactly help finances so all the help was and is appreciated. 2016 WILL BE A GREAT YEAR!


About Myself & Goals:

Faith and family are the keystones that give me strength in my life. I am creative, committed, friendly, team player, tenacious, hard working, enjoy a difficult project and my wife says I have OCD having the need to get everything perfect. I'm a hands on type of person with a mechanical and constructive aptitude, am always trying to improve, even in things I excel at, along with the enjoyment of getting covered in dirt and being in the great outdoors. When not training/riding I enjoy hunting, fishing, RC racing, v gaming, and most of all my 2 boys.

Road to Recovery:
I suffered from a surgery gone wrong in 2009 after over working my body to save our home during the recession. God, family, blood, sweat, and tears have given me the strength to recover. I was unable to walk, sit, or sleep without severe immobilizing pain for three years. Therapy/therapist didn't help. I invested in the best universal gym equipment I could find and created a workout program. I've played semi pro, high school, and junior football for a total of 12 years, martial arts for 5, and never experienced the immobilizing pain as the surgery caused, even with the injuries over the years. Over two years of overcoming the most painful conditioning has given me the strength to have the ability to ride for a couple of hours or to effectively compete on race day. I suffer after riding at 110%, sometimes for several days! but the reward is too great. I just love riding too much to be a spectator. Riding is both physically and mentally therapeutic for me having all the other sports have been taken from me. At this point in my life I can't imagine not being able to ride for myself and my boys.

When dedicating myself to a sport, I always push to improve my strengths and weaknesses. With over 30 years of riding mountain bikes, BMX, sport bikes, ATV/UTV, and MX/Enduro bikes. My skills are most effective competing in Hare Scrambles and Enduro Races. I have always been a fast and aggressive rider, enjoying the technical sections immensely from all of the competitive mountain biking I have done. Prior to my surgery, I rode 50-60 miles three to four times a week for 12 years training on the most difficult glacial mountain bike trails in S/E WI. I started riding motorcycles when I was 8 on a 1982 KX125, I had problems touching my feet to the ground on that bike. At times it would scare me so bad and felt like I was riding mythical beast. I was hooked.... I had 3 wheelers/ATC's, four wheelers, a few enduro's, MX, and sport bikes.

Growing up and still living in farm country has blessed me and my boys with acreage and access to other acreage. All my life my friends and I created our own tracks. After my physical rehabilitation I just was drawn to wanting more than the back 40 and feel that I've missed opportunities having parents that were against and prevented me from racing as a youth. Wanting more for my boys I raced in District 16's 2015 season to see what it offered and what was yearning me to do. It was the most amazing and best thing I have been a part of and would consider myself a selfish parent if I denied my boys the privilege, joys, and people of AMA racing.

My 2015 goal is to make all the races for Hare Scrambles, Enduro, a few MX and introduce my Son to a professional racing environment. Of course I'd like to see us on the podium and place well at each venue, but with the vast variables that are encountered, all I can honestly promise is that we will do our best at each race. I want my Son to experience the responsibility, rewards, ups & downs, along with the sportsmanship of racing in a structured, competitive environment with others his age. Training is important and crucial in preventing injury and crashes so I'm still pushing myself and my Son to improve with each training session 4x a week.
Other qualifications are;
The tens of thousands of miles of trails ridden on every type of riding surface
The tens of thousands of jumps, whoops, passes, turn/corner blocks.
The thousands of close calls and crashes, improving from them.
The tens of thousands of miles speeding through rush hour traffic- Accident Free
The thousands of miles riding over 150 mph some over 200 on non track/regular country roads- Accident Free

I'm Your Rider to Sponsor:
I like to keep my machine and gear looking new and fresh, presenting myself in the most professional manner as well. Having been an entrepreneur for over 10 years I understand the importance of representation by referrals and marketing. I guarantee that every conversation I have with a rider or anyone involved in the sport, to inform them how great your product is and why they need it. I have worked my rear off through levels of pain I wouldn't wish upon anyone. I did this for years just to be able to ride my MX bike a few hours on race day and to get some practice in during the week. All the passion and hard work I've put in to win, not for fame, glory, or money but for my faith, family, and me. I want to podium more than I can express in words and am willing to do all that is necessary to prepare my mind, body, and gear to get there. I have spent more time on two wheels than most would over several lifetimes.

I am looking forward to sharing the road trips, stories, old and new, with my Son whom will be racing with me in the upcoming 2015 season and would be very appreciative and proud to have your sponsorship that will help us create new memories.

Thank You Sincerely for your consideration,
Jeff Flanagan & Brenton Flanagan (Son)