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Rider Updates

Jan 15 2015

Not looking forward to starting my work out program today since my boy brought home another crap bug home from his infectious school. It seems like as soon as we get better we get another strain of something that either makes a person want to commit harakiri ( which I probably misspelled ) or it's just enough to make the day miserable. Wish the dirty teachers would give some time for the kids to wash their hands. It's going make the weights feel 4x heavier than they really are.....

Jan 12 2015

Was a new bike in '14, yes it's an 07 but was purchased new from a Yamaha dealer as a left over.....  I've misplaced a few things but it still boggles me how a WR250F gets misplaced for years but it was good news for me the buyer.. So during a race last year I got stuck and submerged the bike in mud and had track officials with another stuck rider and two other riders that came back to help me out.. Literally .... Total of six of us and couldn't get the bike out until we hooked up the bike to a Polaris Rangers winch and that on its own wasn't able to free me of the mud.... All of us and the UTV were just enough to get the bike out and I'm still rebuilding a new bike with less than 20 hours .... With the mass amount of sand, silt, gravel, dirt, and clay mixture I was concerned that I would cause preventable damage and now am sure I made the correct decision ... As of yesterday I was cleaning the swing arm and linkage .. To my surprise after rinsing off industrial degreaser as a pre prep to getting some anodizing done to the swing arm, linkage, and frame, I pulled out enough of the mud mixture out of the inside of the swing arm to fill a liter bottle almost to the top.. I'll try and post a pict soon and until then I will be working on replacing every bearing and almost every other moving part that is not encased.. I'm again so very thankful, and grateful for all of the rider support that has been offered including Rock River Yamaha that has showed a lot of patients with finding parts and their rider support. I'm also going to start training this week with the season fast approaching and already lost the 20 lbs that crept up on me during the holidays with my training diet. Now that I've become acclimated to the diet Wed. probably will be when I hit the weights along with cardio. God Bless and I sincerely thank all of the support given.

Dec 24 2014

I'm Sincerely Thankful to All the Sponsors that have given me the opportunity to ride in the coming 2015 season and to those that have given generous rider support. It's very much needed with the maintenance of 3 bikes. I've dreamed of this season for years! My Son will be finally racing with me!! I'm so proud of the hard work he's been putting in with school, training, and learning basic and some advanced racing techniques. For a 5yr old he's already got the drive to win and I'm blessed to have such a great kid even if he didn't want to race, that's just a big bonus that he does.

Merry Christmas to All My Sponsors & Fellow Riders