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Personal History

would just like to start off my name is jeff langson most people call me slim, im a certified diesel tech out of Amarillo TX and i turn wrenches for a living i have no kids, no wife iv owner opperated a diesel performance shop out of my shop at home, on weekends i train a now 8 years old boy name taylor he is the little boy in my pictures 

i started riding when i was 12 on a crf150 with my dads we did alot of grand prix and enduro at the time and at that point i had fell in love!! within 6 months i had a cr85 and started racing the rush, the team, the people... i knew thats where i wanted to be every day! my first race was at TNT raceway in idalo TX i finished 5th and quickly made friends did my hardest to make my self betters and others i would spend days with frineds from the track workin on new things to make us all better doin what we loved at what was in our blood and i thank them for who i am out on a track today i soon upgrated to a crf250R and continued racing i also soon after the 250 started racing and riding a 450 and still continued to do race grand prix and enduros 

Riding Goals

my riding goals of 2015 are to get back into the dirt way of life! a long dream iv had of makin it as far as i can working my hardest for it! i understand respect and loyal to my felo friends and other riders on and off the track if i can help with advice i help out i was once there asking and i know others will so i wanna be able to give them answers and still preform on the track 


all my years off the bike i was never away from the track, one of my closes friends has a son his name is taylor (number one mater) as we call him i stared workin with him at the his age of 4 and he is now 8 i have been working with him and his riding family (a family that rides together stays together)  for years i train at the track and at home teaching him everthing i have to offer his hears for racing dirtbikes is amazing! iv loved every min i spend with that boy and i will not and can stop he looks up to me no way could i let him down iv never missed a race he enterd in and finding someone who has a heart for dirbikes and dirt and just racin he wants to be like me and i tell him he will be better then me and il see to it 


Competitive Highlights

 i races every weekend from the time i was 12 all till the time i was 21 but couldnt not keep goin due to money issues but im able to get back at it again im in the process of the gettin my bike ready 

NOTE: in my results when you see january 25,2015 i do not have dates for them races but they was back (on 85's from 2003-2005) on 250/450 from 05-to 2008 at least it been so long 

many more to add but here is some 

2003 series finishings TNT raceway 85cc 12-16 2nd place and moto and flat (TT) track for the season

2003 turkey enduro 18th finish of 300 entries 

2004 series finishings TNT raceway 85cc 12-16 2nd and 9th finishing results

arenacross 125cc and 250cc beginner 1st place series winter champion  

arenacross 125cc and 250cc novice  1st place series summer champion