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Personal History

  Jeffrey was born 9/1/2014, to his proud parents Jeff and Khara Sylvester. He is the first born in the family, and true to his nature he came quickly, and right on his due date! He was brought home to his first hometown of Rochester, Ma, a country town on the SouthCoast of the state. Jeffrey was exposed to the outdoors right away. He was lucky to have a lot of land to play on, and once he could walk or should I say run, because speed is Jeffreys thing, he was running all around his 2.4 acres with his parents.

  He started riding his tricycle at 2.5 years old, and loved the freedom his wheels provided. Soon he was given a used Power Wheels Jeep, and driving around his property became his most favorite past time. Driving was second nature to him, and he loved it. When he was 3 he got his first real bike with training wheels. Going fast down the hill near his house, gave him a thrill like no other. At 4 he decided it was time to ditch the training wheels, as his father and I looked on he taught himself quickly. Within 30 minutes he was jumping roots, trying out tricks, and riding like had been his entire life. To say Jeffrey is good on a bike, is an understatement.
  Prompted by the pandemic, I saw a video of kids riding around on Razor electric dirt bikes. Our family had never ridden, but it looked like a blast, so much so, that even I wanted to try one. Jeffrey got his first Razor dirt bike at 5, and it was LOVE at first ride. He looked like he had been riding motorized bikes since birth. He loved it so much, that it became his favorite thing to do. Riding around his property, and exploring trails that his father was creating in the back woods. Soon I got my first bike, and just like that our family was hooked on the sport. Spending every Sunday at a friends 118 acre 2 mile woods track with the local riders. 
       Soon Jeffrey had outgrown his Razor, and for his 6th birthday on his way to his family house in NH, he got his first gas powered bike, a Yamaha TTR 50. His first ride was a doozy.  He was taken on a difficult trail that included a large, challenging, single track decline in order to get to a fun secluded track. Jeffrey took the challenge with excitement and determination, as he always does. He made it down no problem, loved flying around the track and managed to come back through the aggressive incline in the dark without fear. When he got back home, he was beaming. It was love at first challenging ride! His Yamaha became his favorite thing in the world, and he spent hours riding it in his back yard with his parents. The Sunday rides became even more fun as Jeffrey could finally ride the track. He loved riding every Sunday with the big boys. As the youngest rider there, Jeffrey had a lot of older mentors to talk to, and talk he did. As the year went on the guys were getting more and more impressed with his riding skills. They couldn’t believe how far he had come in such a short period of time. He started there on his Razor, and was now killing it on his Yamaha.
    One Sunday the Santos Family came to the track. Kayden and Leah were amazing riders, and their mother, Jade, was a veteran in the Motocross racing arena. She watched Jeffrey and was very impressed. She soon became one of Jeffrey’s biggest cheerleaders. She encouraged us to sign up for the first race of the Capeway Rovers spring season, and Jeffrey was psyched. The Santos have helped us so much that first race, mentoring us through the whole day, as we were completely clueless. They have become good friends who we park next to every race. They continue to mentor us in the sport, and we appreciate them so much! Jeffreys first race was magical. Although he was not on a racing bike, he put his all into it, and loved every second of his time on the track, and meeting the other motocross racers that were his age. The joy on his face was priceless. He had found his passion. His father and I were so excited for him. That night we found a used 2015 KTM SX 50 in PA, and Jeff went to get it the next day. We surprised Jeffrey with his new bike, and his enthusiasm was beyond words. True to his pattern through his life, riding his KTM became his favorite thing to do, and he practices everyday he can.
     The spring season found him getting 6th place out of about 12-18 riders. He was always consistent in his times. He had found his joy, and his community. He loves being with his friends on Sundays, racing them and playing with them in between. At the end of his spring season he started going to see pro coaches to perfect his craft. They were always impressed by his natural abilities, as well as his eagerness to take direction and implement their suggestions. This practice lead Jeffrey to get 1st place, and his first trophy during the first race of the season. We all cannot wait to see what he does next!
Jeffrey’s passion for motocross is not all there is to this high energy, enthusiastic, funny, smart, caring, loving and compassionate boy. He is a big brother to Will who is 4 years younger than him. Jeffrey loves to teach his brother how to do things, and loves to praise him for his accomplishments. He’s a wonderful big brother, and often remarks how happy he is that Will is his little brother. Jeffrey carries this love for his friends and cousins as well. This social butterfly can talk to anyone, and frequently does. He makes friends everywhere he goes, which is no surprise, as Jeffrey wants to make you feel good, seen and loved. His kindergarten teacher would send home notes often, remarking on what a sweet boy Jeffrey was. She would tell us how thoughtful he was with his classmates, always inquiring about their interests, and them. He would often be overheard praising them for their accomplishments. Being with his friends is one of the most important parts of Jeffreys life. He cherishes his chosen family and maintains friendships for the long haul.
     In his spare time he loves to to be active. Swimming is one of his favorite activities. This summer he is learning to perfect his freestyle stroke with minimal effort. He loves jumping in the water, and doing tricks. As mentioned before, he is an avid biker, even biking over 12 miles with me when he was 5. He loves to try new tricks on his bike, and talks about wanting to try BMX biking. In his downtime he loves to play his Nintendo Switch, especially his Monster Super-cross game, but if given the opportunity to be with his friends, ride his dirt bike, or be outside, he would always choose those options.
   He is a wonderful boy, on and off the track. With a determination not seen by many 6 year olds, as well as a competitive streak like his father, he is bound to go far. As his parents all we want for him is to love what he is doing, and make sure he has a lot of fun doing it. He loves it and can’t wait to keep pushing his limits to see where he can go!

Riding Goals

There are so many reasons Jeffrey rides. The adrenaline rush is addictive, and perfect for his personality. He rides for the joy he feels every time he kickstarts his engine and revs his 2 stroke motor. He loves the freedom it gives him. He is able to drive 45 mph, and is completely in charge of where he goes, how fast he goes, and how much he wants to challenge himself. The pride he gets in overcoming difficult obstacles, is unlike anything else in his life.  He loves being able to learn new ways to improve his abilities on his bike, and continuing to see his improvements. The community aspect of Motocross was the unexpected bonus to the sport.  We have all met so many new friends, and gotten so much support from the other parents, and older riders as well. Sundays are his favorite day because he gets to spend it with his Motocross family.
  His goals for the fall season are to come in the top 5, getting a trophy every race, and a trophy at the end of the season. He wants to shave time off his laps, and learn how to handle corners better. He would love to spend as much time as possible practicing and working with coaches to learn how to race better, and become a stronger rider.
His goals for next season are to come in the top three, and maybe do some traveling to races at different venues. He'd like to keep working with the coaches to continue to improve his skills.

Competitive Highlights

Jeffrey’s highlights thus far include coming in 6th in his age division for the spring season, and his first season of racing, as well as shaving almost 30 seconds off his lap time from the start of the season. His biggest accomplishment to date was coming in 1st during the first race of the fall season. Getting a trophy for the first time, and having it be first place, was the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life. He loved every second of that, and is working hard to continue to keep winning!!