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Personal History

Hello, I'm Jenna Church and I love Dirt Bikes! Its my passion since i was 8 or 9 to be one of the best motocross riders. I currently attend a High School in North Carolina and make great grades. I also have a YouTube account for my GoPro footage when I ride my Dirt Bike called CRFrunners. I currently am riding a 2013 CRF150rb. Some other information about me is I play tennis, play the cello, skateboard, Mountain bike, Skim board at the beach, and play the guitar. I have played on a school sports team and know what it takes to be a team player! 

Riding Goals

Be one of the best motocross racers, and eventually go pro. 

Competitive Highlights

Because this is my first year racing I currently don't have any. BUT I have been practicing very hard on and off the track, and in school to keep this up!