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Georgia Pre Registration

Georgia Pre Registration allows businesses to establish a legal identity from the nation of Georgia. It's also known as"business entity" registration. To register a company in Georgia, a licensed agent could be required to act on behalf of the company. This agent must adhere to all laws concerning corporations and enrolled brokers. He has to also file reports with the Secretary of State on behalf of the provider.

Georgia allows a company to be busy from the market after it's been in operation for a year. In case the organization is newly formed, its name has to be submitted to the Georgia Corporation Commission for acceptance. On submission, the title of the company, its officers, its business purpose and objectives, and its own financial condition must be presented for approval. The Commission will examine whether the business meets all the requirements needed to set it as a legal firm in Georgia. The company also has to offer a copy of its complete yearly report and the financial statement.

To be given a certificate of enrollment, the corporation should also submit two kinds of certifications. One is known as the"Resident Certificate of Registration", which demonstrates that the business has permanent residency in Georgia. The other set of documents is called"Commercial Action Certificate". It means that the company has been running a trade or business within the nation.

Georgia Pre Registration permits a firm to have two business cards. One is the Company Identification Card. This card can be used by authorized representatives and officers of the company, to exhibit their business cards. It also functions as proof of identity. Business entities may use this card to record tax returns.

Georgia Pre Registration also allows the business to purchase or sell real estate within the nation. They may obtain a permit to run a business and start a temporary office. There are also some concessions expanded to business owners. They do not have to pay the appropriate tax, or get a business permit. They are not required to provide liability insurance. They're even exempted from paying the franchise tax.

Following Georgia Preregistration, the business entity must submit three years of annual reports. They must also submit a few copies of this registration. Attempting to do so results to penalty fine. Failure to comply with these requirements leads to suspension or withdrawal of registration.

Every business entity must disclose their place and any other information which could be deemed relevant by the nation. The company must also maintain records. These records include the names and addresses of partners and owners of the business. Ownership information must be verified by the state. Tax documents also have to be maintained.

If a business entity fails to register with the Georgia secretary of state, it forfeits its standing as an authorized business entity. Fines are incurred for every day that the non-registered business remains in operation. Penalties may be assessed if the company does not become registered within a year. It has to also pay penalty charges if it fails to attain certification. Georgia Pre Registration ensures compliance with state and federal legislation.