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Rider Updates

Apr 1 2012

Went to lincoln trails in casey illinois this weekedn to race the new track and on practice saturday over jumped the 2nd double in the double double section and came down hard bruised the right side of my pelvis where ever muscle connects to so im on crutches for a week or so and off the bike for 3 weeks.

Jul 27 2011

This year started off slow for me. I didnt race at all until Redbud July 4th weekend. I have been busy at work and not had many days off and at the begginng of the year I was have terrible bike prolems on my honda I was getting a ton of gas in my oil. I sold it and bought a 2011 yamaha yz450f and love it. My knee recovered from surgery and has been feeling great.

Redbud weekend was a litttle to first race in abount 10 months. I was a little rusty. The weekend after that I went to D&D a track in northern indiana and won my class. However I took a bad spill in the second moto and broke some ribs and got a mild conccusion. Im starting to feel better so Im going to try to go to Crossroads MX this weekend. I will put up the results probably monday.

Aug 10 2010

Well I havent raced in about a month actually I havent even rode in about a month. This is because I came up short at a practice track and my knee cap is resting on the bones and causeing it to bruise underneath wich is causing extreme pain. Now I am feeling better but since wqe werent racing we decided to rebuild the motor so it should be done tomarow so I can practice Thursday and head to the race track Friday

Apr 5 2010

Well on Friday I decided it was time to upgrade on bikes so I went and bought a 2009 Honda CRF450R. I rode it Friday afternoon and yesterday at my practice track and love it. I am going to Ballance MX next weekend for the area qualifier hope to do well.

Mar 21 2010

Went to my practice track Thursday and was riding really good. I broke something in the front end of my 250 so I only raced my 450 this weekend.

Mar 14 2010

Done with arenacross and starting outdoors again. Last weekend I raced at Ballance in Kentucky. I wrecked hard in the Saturday practiced and broke some ribs and was really sore. So I took this weekend off and hope to go to my practice track Thursday and get some laps in before next weekend.

This 2010 season I am not going to hit as many local races and hit the bigger races instead. I am making a few changes this year to how I ride. Before I always have kinda rode according to my position this year I am letting it all hangout rather I am in first or dead last. I am not going to worry about what is happening on the track and just race my own race. Before I think I have been a much to conservative racer. I honestly could not tell you when the last time I went down in a race. I am not saying I want to go down but that is just an example on how conservative I have been. We all know even the fastest riders go down every once in awhile. I am thinking about running the Ponca National this year. I will make sure I give an extra shout out of all my sponsors because without them I truly would not be able to hit these bigger races. Hope to bring home some good finishes from Lincoln Trails in Illinois next weekend I will post my results on here.