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Personal History

I started riding dirt bikes at the age of 14. All of my friends in the neighborhood had dirt bikes, so we rode a lot. When I turned 18 I got a job at a local motorcycle dealership that was heavily involved in motocross.They promoted an annual race at Red Bud on the weekend of the pro nationals. And so my amatuer racing career began. With the help of the dealership I worked for and all my coworkers, who also raced, I got plenty of practice and coaching. My skill level within the first year had escalated me from the "C" class to the "B" class the following season. I had completed and the class for several years after. After winning a state championship in two different classes,I had received an "A" card. From that point on It started to get very challenging. Staying in the top 3 was very difficult at this level. I found myself at the area and regional qualifiers, lining up at the gate with riders that eventually became factory backed pros. eventually I got married, started a family and decided that it was time to put my racing career on hold. We had our first son on the way so I needed to find a job that had good medical benefits, which I did at a local railroad. Shortly after that I decided to take the money I had saved for our first house and invested in a property maintenance business. I had promised my wife that I would focus on our new business and work to build a better future for us. In that time we had a second son three years later. My appetite to ride was growing impatient, I had promised my wife that I would not spend our money and my spare time riding dirt bikes. Instead I would invest the money in our future and spend my spare time with my toddlers and wife. I felt that was fair enough considering the amount of time in our life that we had sacrificed at the track before our kids came along. I knew eventually I would be back on a bike and hoping my sons would be as well. We purchased my oldest son's first dirt bike when he was 6.He rode it around quite a bit, while my younger son at the age of 3 could only stand and watch. 2 years later we bought a pair of KTM 50s. Both of my sons show a lot of promise and a lot of natural talent. 1 year later I purchased my first 250f and began riding once again. once the kids told me they wanted to really focus on motocross I hired bryan mcdonald to help me with training. Ethan and Evan are now ages 10 and 13, and both are competing in their respective 85 cc age group classes, along with the super mini classes.I am also competing once again, however I am now at the ripe old age of 40. So I am beating up the guys in the 35 & 40 plus classes. We are nearing the end of the Indiana State Championship Series, my oldest son(Ethan) is ranked 5th, my youngest son(Evan) is ranked 4th and I am ranked 1st in our respective classes. Our business is going very well, so I would have to say it was a good decision to put my racing ambitions on hold because now I am able to afford to make my 2 son's motocross dreams become a reality.

Riding Goals

To win Indiana and Michigan State Championships next year, as well as qualifying for Loretta Lynn's amateur nationals.

Competitive Highlights

1999 Indiana State Champion 125B 1999 Indiana State Champion 25 plus 2104th Indiana State Champion 40 plus