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Personal History

I am Jerimy Jr. and I ride number 55 on my dirt bikes. I was born and am being raised in Ruidoso, NM (about 3 hours south of Albuquerque, NM). I have a wonderful dad who also does a little dirt bike riding, a fantastic mom, and a new little brother who is the greatest! I am 7 years old, in the 2nd grade, and like to play football, soccer, and tag with my friends at school. I don't like to read but my mom says I'm really good at it! I like to play motocross games on our xbox at home and race my toy cars on my hot wheels track. I also like to build things with my legos and play with my little brother. My favorite thing to do when I can't be riding my dirt bike is riding my peddle bike! I have 3 dogs and a ball python as my pets. My favorite animal is a cheetah. My favorite movie is “Ghost Rider” and my favorite book is “The Firehouse Dog”. My favorite color is black and green and my favorite person is my little brother, Ryder. My favorite hair do is the Mohawk.

I had a Honda CRF50cc before I was born. It sat in our living room when I came home from the hospital and I used to climb on it and make dirt bike sounds when I was old enough to crawl. I used to go to the race track in Tularosa, NM and watch my cousin and my dad ride their bikes. I always wanted to go ride but they said I wasn't big enough yet. When I was 3 1/2 years old I rode in my first race in Tularosa with my training wheels and loved it!!!! I have been riding and competing ever since! I have learned to ride without training wheels and up graded from the 2006 Honda crf50fcc to the 2006 Cobra cx50ccJr. and for Christmas this last year (2014) I got my new 2014 Cobra cx50Jr. I have now upgraded to the 2014 Cobra cx50Sr.  

I am currently sponsored by Mom & Dad, Dunlop Tires, Factory Backing, Mika Metals, Fly Racing!

Riding Goals

I am currently running in the 2015-2016 Tulie MX series in the 7-8 and open 50cc classes and holding 1st as of 12/13/15. I want to get 1st in the whole Tulie 2015-2016 Series in these classes. We are thinking about trying our hand in Texas and working towards qualifying in area, and regionals for Loretta Lynn's National races this year.  

I have a practice 65 but haven't been on it much yet. I love my 50 Srs. and my 65. I am still working on my style and tricks as I go. I am working on perfecting my whips & scrubs!!! I'm still trying to triple into the finish line jump at Tuliarosa. Hoping by the end of the season to have it down!!!

Competitive Highlights

2015 NM State Champion for 4-6 50cc class!

Jan. 23rd 2016 - 1st in 7-8 50cc class & 5th in 50cc Open Class!

2nd Place in 2015 Kicker Summer Arenacross Series in the 4-6 50cc class!

2nd Place in 2014-2015 Tulie MX Series in 4-6 50cc Class!

Feb. 5th 2012 Started Riding Motocross at 3 1/2 years old!

Dec. 2012 Tulie MX TT Pre-K First 1st place finish!

2012-2013 Tulie MX Series in the TT Pre-K Finished 1st!

Summer 2012 Started Riding Arenacross! 

2013 Kicker Summer AX Series in the 50cc Thru 6 Years Finished 4th!

Oct. 6th 2013 First AMA Sanctioned Race at Bowers MX in Amarillo. TX - 8th place in the 4-6 class!

Feb. 21st 2015 Started Riding Enduro Desert Races!