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Rider Updates

May 18 2016

I just finished up 2 series; the 2015-2016 Tulie MX series out of Tularosa, NM and the 2016 Big Side of Texas Spring Championship Series out of Texas. I got the 1st place in both the 7-8 50cc and 50cc open classes for Tulie MX!!! I finished with a 2nd in the 7-8 50cc class and 4th in the 50cc open class in the 2016 Big Side of Texas Series!!! 

I had an off day at the Bowers Area Loretta Lynn's Qualifier race and finished 9th overall there. It looks like one of the riders who finished ahead of me didn't register to qualifier for Loretta Lynns so I technically qualified there in 8th but we are working on going to Yantis, TX to the Johnsonville MX Farm to see if we can't qualify higher up than last this coming weekend! 

Working on going to Loretta Lynn's!!!!! 

Thank you to all my sponsors: Mom & Dad, Willis Racing Team, Dunlop Tires, Mika Metals, Fly Racing, PR2 Suspension, Factory Backing,, Hookit, & MXSponsor

Mar 4 2016

In the Texas Winter Series my first year running in it, I made 3 of the 5 races and got the following series finishes: 51cc 6-7 limited = 13th, 51cc 7-8 limited = 26th, and 51cc 4-8 limited = 28th. Freestone was a challenge but I look forward to trying it again someday soon!

Thank you to all my sponsors!!!


Feb 26 2016

I've been a very busy boy this year! I have been racing in Texas in their Winter Texas Series the last 2 rounds and will be going this weekend for the final round of the series. Unfortunately, I missed the first 2 rounds of the series and don't qualify for series finish/awards, but I have gained so my great experience and hope to continue my journey through Texas racing! Getting a few hours of practice time in between school and races! 

I have also gained some sponsorships and have joined the Willis Racing Team. My teammate is Jake Willis of Carlsbad and he races the younger 50cc class (4-6)! and Fly Racing have offered and I have accepted sponsorships from. PR-2 Racing just recently offered us a deal and we have also accepted their support!

Thank you to all my sponsors!!!

#FactoryBacking #MikaMetals #DunlopTires #FlyRacing #PR-2Racing #WillisRacingTeam #Mom&Dad 

Jan 6 2016

I was able to attend the Shannon Niday training class in Tularosa, NM this past weekend and loved it!!! I learned a lot of very valuable techniques to put into my riding! Wonderful 2 days training with my friends Ryan Jaramillo and Steven Copeland. Looking forward to Tulie's next races in 2 weeks! 

Oct 12 2015

I've been riding a whole lot this Summer!!! I ended up with a 2nd in the Kicker Summer Arenacross Series with a 7th in the Open class! It's been wild but so much fun!!! I tried to triple into the whoops after the finishline this last weekend at Tularosa and almost had it!!! I'm offically a SR 50cc rider now!!! Having fun with friends and loving the speed!!! 

Sep 21 2015

I have unoffically won the title of 2015 NM State Champion in the 4-6 50cc class and got 2nd place in the 50cc open class for the 2015 NM State Championship!!!! I've got one more race in Amarillo to determine my Kicker Arenacross series finals!

Jul 6 2015

I've been doing a lot of racing this summer! I'm competing in both the Kicker Summer Arenacross and NMMX State Championship Series! Gallup had a flash flood this weekend at the track we were at but we made it out and it mostly dried up the next day! Planning on being back in Gallup on the 18th and 19th for the next Areancross races!!!! 

Jun 1 2015

I checked out the New Double L Arenacross facility in Los Lunas, NM yesterday. They had their first race ever and I got 3rd in the 4-6 class and 7th in the open 50cc class. It was hot but a lot of fun! 

May 18 2015

I rode my butt off this weekend! I had a blast! I rode at Tuliarosa, NM at the Ride for the Cure races and series banquet. This was also round #1 of the New Mexico motocross state championship series I am going to compete in this year! I had some awesome practice time on Saturday; was awarded 2nd place for the 2014-2015 Tulie MX series, and then on Sunday came in 1st in my age group and 5th for the open class! Super excited! I got to ride my Cobra Jr. and it has my new Factory Backing graphics on it!!! They look great ! My new Dunlop tires really dug in and gave me the traction I really needed! Thank you Factory Backing, Dunlop, and Mom and Dad for all your support!!! I worked hard and earned my trophy that is bigger than I am! :) 

Apr 27 2015

We took the weekend off from racing and I got to hang out with my grandma! We had fun!!!! 

Apr 20 2015

I had a great weekend! On Saturday Pros Randy Williams and Justin Buckelew came to Tulie MX in Tularosa, NM and I got to be part of their training class from 7am-3pm and practice! On Sunday I got to race at Tulie MX and put my learning to use! I came in 2nd in my age class and 8th in the open class! It was a great weekend with my riding family! I also had some friends come out to watch me ride!

Apr 13 2015

I went to Moriarty this last weekend and rode in the area qualifier for Loretta Lynns!!!!  I got 2nd and qualified to got to Glen Helen the end of May! Thanks for the great support from my sponsors: Factory Backing, Dunlop Tires, Mika Metals, Dad & Mom! 

Apr 4 2015

Practicing on the big track at Moriarty for the first time! They made changes to the TT track too! One crash over the big table top and my handlebars into my legs but I'm alright!! The best way to spend my Saturday! 

Mar 30 2015

I got to go get some practice in on Sunday afternoon! Getting ready for the racing at Moriarty for the Loretta Lynn Qualifier coming up in a couple weeks!!! I need to get me another fantastic Dunlop tire cause my front has a flat!!!! #DunlopTires # Loretta Lynn Qualifier # SandiaMX 

We got my new graphics the other day from Factory Backing but we are still working on putting them on. I am really hoping that I can reveal/ride them at the qualifier! #FactoryBacking

Mar 23 2015

I got to race in Clovis, NM yesterday and got 1st place in both my open and 4-6 50cc classes! I also got to see and catch up with some good friends we haven't seen in a while the Creaseys! 

Mar 12 2015

I went riding again, this last weekend! I got to ride with Jesse James Parkey and it was awesome!!! I am so excited and getting ready for more riding this weekend at TulieMX! Only 2 points races left in this series! I'm Ready! I can't wait! Saturday and Sunday can't come quick enough! Good Times, Good Friends, Good Racing! Let's Do This!!!! 

Mar 2 2015

I got to get some needed practice in this weekend. We went to Alamogordo, NM and rode at the Red Hills on Saturday and then at the Red Sands on Sunday! Feeling really confident!!! 

Feb 23 2015

Awesome weekend learning how to ride in the desert at the Tarantula 100 race! It is very different riding on sand but I am super glad I got to ride, race, and have some fun!