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Personal History

I have been racing for four years i am fourteen and a freshman in high school. I won the championship in 2011 at gravity park, in 2012 my dad and I built me a new 2005 honda trx 450 quad to start in the big class. After riding hard and learning the power i was able to dominate most races. I also raced my trx 450 with a cr85 in it in 2012 in two complete series as well as a few nationals, it was not easy but I won four championships in 2012,90 mod at gravity park and 450b at gravity park as well as 90 mod and 450b in the wi. badger state quad series. In four years I have racked up 69 overall wins and 157 moto wins. My parents do all they can to keep me racing so i can go pro one day. For 2013 I will be racing local series as well as a few nationals so I can be ready for a full 2014 national series. We all know how much this sport is and for us we take it very serious I have three trx 450s and just got a new enclosed trailer so with some more help we will be set. for 2014 we are going for our first national championship.

Riding Goals

To ride harder then ever and making it pro one day soon. Everyone says they want to go pro and dont make it. Not me with my family behind me we will make it there.

Competitive Highlights

I said pretty much everything already, but four championships in one year is pretty sweet