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Personal History

  • I was born in Michigan on NOV 6th, 1997. Racing harescrambles and motocross is my passion. I have a step dad, a dad, a mom, and a brother who all support my racing. I am a Junior in highschool, now living in Kansas City Missouri. I also have a German shepherd who's name is Doddy. I couldn't live without my family. 

Riding Goals

I started riding at the age of three, and started racing at the age of four. I have ridden ktm most of my life, but did ride a kx100 for one season.. Finishing 2nd in the forward Motion Harescrambles Championship Junior class. I race harescrambles at least once every two weeks, and practice/race motocross at least once a week. I ride a 2012 ktm xcf250 For harescrambles and a 2012 YZ250f for Motocross. I race the 200's class (AKA B class), and for moto, I race the 250 novice class. (Motocross is fairly new to me, I've always raced harescrambles/Enduros). I plan on really making a name for myself in the motocross world, and winning the 2013 MHSC B class championship. Once I am in the pro class (100's), I plan on starting to race OMA'S, national enduros, and GNCC's. I have goals that are set very high, but day to day work, and practice can get me there. I am a good rider to sponsor because I will both represent you well, and get your name up on the podium with me.

Competitive Highlights

2nd in the C advanced class  in the series championship final standings of FMHSC. That'd be my biggest accomplishment. I plan on reaching higher goals, like racing in the GNCC, and national enduros.