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Personal History

I am 17 years old. I have been riding since I was 5, and racing for the last 7 years. I love to ride and race. I ride Yamaha yz125, and think it is awesome! I usually practice riding about 3 days a week then race on the weekends. I love it! I have many friends at just about all the tracks we go to. When I'm racing I can hear so many people cheering for me, it really makes me feel good.

I train with Jim Neese rider development alot. Jim is awesome! He really pushes me and I get faster everytime. Jim is a pro rider, and a great teacher.

For some fun and extra money, I am a DJ, I do dances, parties, weddings, ect. Its fun and the money is good! If you need a DJ let me know!  I also like to play Guitar, I have a BC rich "warlock" and its really cool. I go to a great high school and have about a B-C average and do pretty good. I race in the 125cc and classes. I won the championship in VA for the AARA supercross series.

Almost everyday last summer I went swimming at the pool. I had some time off from racing and I got to play at the lake and water ski sometimes. I like to ski. If I'm at home I am usually riding my bike or road biking around the neiborhood and hanging out with my friends.

Riding Goals

To keep up a B average in school. (this is hard)!

To compete in more regionals and qualifiers and do good.

Gain some weight and bulk up some.

Competitive Highlights

My very first race was at Devils ridge for a AMA and almost a full gate of riders (38) I came in 13th that day. I didn't get a trophy but for my first race I think I did ok.

Being The winter series champion and getting the big cup and the #1 plate, (I still use my same number though cause I like it). I also just won the VA AARA supercross Championship for 2009. It was alot of work but worth it.

I raced in the AMA national Arenacross a few years ago when i was on 65's and did well, I came in 10th from about 45 riders. I had to qualify my way into the main and it was fun.

Comming in 3rd at the North Carolina State Championships. They were kids from all over there too. I got a nice plaque.

I met Ricky Charmicheal at the Atlanta Supercross. We were waiting in line to eat dinner and he came in right behind us. I got my picture with him and he signed my Fox hat. We talked a while, he is really a great guy.

 Up to now I have competed in over 100 sanctioned motorcross races. I have received over 75 Awards or trophies.