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Rider Updates

Feb 3 2014

hey guys im finally back after all those hospital visits, I plan on being even better than before all that but i plan on training with jimmy weinert this spring and alot of the summer. i hope to go to more races than ever and get a top 3 every time. thanks for taking the time to read this -jesse

Sep 17 2012

4:30PM 9/17/12 update. Jesse has been examined by the cognitive team today and will have to have some followup with them later about the head injury. The pediatric ortho team has brought in Sports medicine physical therapist and they have already met with Jesse today and have instructed him on walking and his knee use. His Abdomen is still very bruised on the inside and a cause for concern. We were hopping to take him home today, but they would like to watch him a while longer. So we may get him home tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers!

Sep 16 2012

Update.. Jesse had a bad crash at Saturday nights race 9/15/12. Multiple injuries including a concusion, internal injuries, knee injury.  They first took him to the closest hospital Franklin Co. and they stabilized him. Then made the decision to trtansport him to Duke Hospital for treatment.  At Duke recovering well. Hope to b released sometime soon. Thanks to all who are praying for him and all the well wishes.

Dec 17 2009

Saturday was the 3rd round in the Carolina Extreme Winter series. So we headed up to Asheboro to Zoo City MX for the race. The track was frozen but had been tilled up. It looked great from a distance but when the bikes went by they didn't even move the dirt. It was like hard packed gravel and rough. The 85 practice came and Jesse did great, he was clearing just about every jump on the track and flying. I was waiting on the side with his 65 so he could switch to it for the 65 practice. The 85's got flagged off the track and Jesse jumped on his 65, I went to take the 85 back to the trailer to make some adjustments, he had suggested to me. I had been back about 5 min. when one of Jesse's friends ( another rider) came running into the trailer and said, "Jesse crashed, its bad, it was real bad, I mean bad crash you gotta go" . So I ran out to the track and Elizabeth and paramedics were already working on him. He was hurt bad. He had gone unconscious from the crash. He came around but was hurting bad in his knee and thigh. We put him on the Backboard and had the 4 wheeler carry him to the truck. He was coherent but in pain. We checked him out further and his knee was turning blue and swelling up. I asked if he could make it back to Durham and he said yes. We loaded up in a hurry and headed straight to the Duke ER. Upon arrival they took him back immediately and started checking him out. After numerous test, X-rays, CT scans they came to the conclusion he had suffered a Concussion, and soft tissue damage (tendons and ligaments) and fluid on his knee. We got out of there late in the day and he has a knee immobilizer and crutches. He is getting around pretty good on his crutches. They prescribed him motrin. On Sunday his whole body was hurting, even getting the motrin.


Jan 21 2009


 Jesse is scheduled to race in the Pro Arenacross series in Greensboro, NC.  on Saturday night Jan. 31st.  He will be going against some of the best riders anywhere. If you are not familiar with Arenacross it is like Supercross just on tighter tracks, (For MX racing this is like the Nextel Cup series is for Auto racing)  The pros will race on Saturday night and so will Jesse, if all goes well he will also race again on Sunday. The track will be set up for the Pros on Saturday night and then they downsize it for the Sunday racing. For Saturday night the coliseum may sell out. He is really looking forward to racing with all the spotlights, excitement, and 21,000 fans. He is really nervous, but excited.  The level of competition will be unbelievable, with riders from all over the world. We will be spending the weekend at the Coliseum in the Motorhome, so if you decide to come to the race, look out back for us in the Silver, gray, and black motorhome with the black trailer behind and come say Hi. Tickets are available thru ticketmaster.


What's he been up to lately? Well a lot of training off and on the track has been going on. Jesse bought himself a "ripstick" right after Christmas. If you want a workout this will do it, its kinda like a skateboard with only 2 wheels. He mastered it in no time. We also have been


Monday he had off from school so we went to a local practice track for some tuning and practice. He got a new KTM 65 and we are still getting it set up just right for the races. Check out his new gear also, he is wearing the new 09 fox Explosion Gear. (Thanks FOX racing for the new gear)  He will be wearing this in the race, its pretty easy to spot. Let me know if you decide to come out to the races, hope to see ya the

Nov 10 2008

Today Jesse was going on his warm up lap win another rider was jumping beside him and landed directly on top of Jesse. Jesse was hurting pretty bad, the bike was twisted up nicely. I checked him out and he was swelling up around his kidney. We were at a track about a hour and a half away from Durham. We took off to get back to Jesse's Dr. and arrived in record time.  They checked him out and run some blood test, then sent us to another specialist.  After all was done Jesse suffered a chiped hip bone, brused kidney,  3 bruised vertebraes, and spine bruising. 

He is almost fully recoverd from the accident. He has been back on the bike  for about a week and doing good. He went back for a return Dr. visit for some more blood test and everything was back to normal.

After watching the accident, I really got to see the Leatt Brace at work. I feel sure without it we would have had a horrible outcome. The impact was so hard that aluminium shavings from the other bike were on the Leatt Brace and Backside of the Thor chest/back protection.

If your child rides hard or races please make sure they have one of these braces. I have witnessed this and one other severe accident up close where these braces protected both children from serious injuries. And we are not sponsored by this Co. but really love their product.



Nov 1 2008

Saturday was a great day for Jesse. We got up and left in plenty of time to get to MX school in Asheboro at Zoo city MX park. Jim Neese Taught him on the track, and after lunch another trainer taught nutrition and fitness training. Then some more track time.  We wanted to race somewhere on Saturday night but didn't really know of any racing going on at our regular tracks in NC. I got a call around 1:45 pm from Jesse's friend Colby and he said they were on the way to Axton VA. for the final stadium supercross race at Lake suger tree.  I used the computer at the track to pull a mapquest to get us there fast.


So we loaded up and left Asheboro at 2:15pm and  headed north to Axton, VA  100 miles to make a 4pm practice time.  We arrived and signed up and hit the track just in time to make it. With all the riders it was hard to find a parking place but we did. The track was awesome, it was different from normal outdoor motorcross with a much tighter track and more turns and higher jumps. A very technical  track to say the least. I worried a little cause the jumps were everywhere. Well Jesse was in his element.  He was riding his own style and flying high. One section he had to jump 2 doubles in a row and then into a sharp turn it was pretty hard but he took it in stride, and rode like a pro.  They only had 1 65cc class so he could only race in 1 class tonight.


The first race gate dropped and Jesse took the holeshot and came out in front of the pack he lost the lead for only a short time, but got it back and battled right to the finish line and  won the 1st race! He really let it rip!  The second race he came out of the gate 1st but got hung up in a turn and fell back to 4th. he made up some time and on the

Oct 13 2008

Saturday was my first day at  a new MX school at ZOO city MX park. I had a blast. The teacher was Pro arena cross rider Jim Neese, and past champion. Today we worked on several areas to increase our riding ability and it was great. We rode and practiced in the morning and then we had lunch and actual classroom time inside. I really learned alot and had a great time doing it. I have 5 more classes to attend so I can't wait. How come regular school isn't this much fun? If any teachers read this, can you put a few doubles on the soccer field for us to us during recess? (yea like thats gonna happen) Any way I went to practice on Sunday and put what I learned into practice and was able to shave off 9 seconds on average per lap. What a differance it makes. Well gotta get some real homework done so bye for now.