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Rider Updates

Apr 5 2008

The first race of the District 22 season. After finishing 3rd in the first moto the second moto started like all others. Jessica got a bad start of fthe gate, but went hard. She got the field as they went into the hole shoot corner. Then things went real wrong, Jessica was hard on the gas and went in a little to hard as the riders in front of her bunched up she went to the inside. Hitting the rear tire of another quad she was sent head first off her quad. Hitting the ground and the her quad flipping up and landing on top of her and then bouncing off.  The race was red flagged as the medics attended to her. After several minutes she was raised to her feet and walked to the awaiting ambulance. Where the medics wrapped her arm and then after a ride to the Truck. It was up to dad to take her to the hospital and there after a short wait. The doctor came in and told her she broke her Collar Bone, and wil not be able to race for several weeks. What a way to end what was to be a great day.



Jan 21 2008

Jessica Qualifies at the District level for the 2008 Pepsi Tournament. She wil be competing in the Girls's 11 and under class.  Good Luck

Dec 2 2007

2008 Race Schedule will be posted soon. We are waiting for the tracks to post their schedules. So far the only schedules we have are from CVTR and the IATVHSS Series.

It appears that Hawkeye Downs will be Hosting an ATVA Amateur National Qualifier on May 31st.

We are stil waiting to see the schedules for: Riverside Raceway
Fun Valley Raceway
Lamoni Motorcross Park

After we receive info from these tracks we wil post our race schedule.

Fair Race Schedule wil be posted when information is received.
Also Planning on running a few TT Races but need to get that info also.
it appears to be a busy season in 2008.

Nov 23 2007

Jessica ends up the District 22 Series in 8th Place achiving her goal of a top 10 finish in 2007. Thank god this season is over! We started the season off riding a Polaris Predator 90cc, staying in the top 5 of the series till August. At which time we decided to upgrade to a Apex MXR90 and after this so called up grade, our season slowly went down hill but we still ened up in the top 10. Now we set our eyes on the 2008 season.

Oct 6 2007

Jessica raced in her first Hare Scramble Race. A little nervous since she had never raced in this kind of race. It was a whole different kind of racing then she has been use to. After she was caught in a pile upon the hole shoot she was 10th after the first lap. On lap 2 she had moved up intothe 9th place. While in the middle of the woods she went a little wide side swiped a tree. Throwing her forward when two other riders ran into her from the rear. Her quad then runs her over and she is left next to a tree. She ends up with a very sore arm and a little dazed but is looking forward to next year to try it again.

Oct 5 2007

The APEX Cursre strikes again in moto 1 of the 90 Quad Open. Afetr working on the machine all morning and going through everything the APEX post another DNF. Then in the Quad 90 Stock it happens again. We are having second thoughts about if we will continue to race this Quad next year since it appears to be a bad choice of machines. Since changing to the APEX Machine Jessica has dropped from 4th in Points to 7th.
Question is do we race the APEX in 2008 or go back to the Polaris Predator?

Sep 22 2007

Even though a bad day at the races ended in a busy week for day fixing the quad. Jessica ended up finishing 6th in the Hawkeye Downs Series which ended with awards being given out to all classes. The quad 90 class had a total of 8 riders that finished the required number of races to quilify for the series awards.
Jessica was the only girl racing in this class in the Hawkeye Downs Series. Watch out next year boys this girl is here to stay.

Sep 21 2007

It was a good day to race at Hawkeye Downs but due to a broken kick starter in pratice Jessica was unable to race. Post her second DNF of the season. Better luck next week.