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Personal History

Im 15 and im a sophmore in highschool. my favorite things to do are ride on my track, hang out with my friends which all all basically dirtbikers i am the only girl who rides around here, i also injoy playing with my dogs because we have 5 of them, another thing would probualy be soccer i love to play soccer. but what i exspecially like to do is ride my dirtbike i ride just about everywhere i go. My favorite colors are pink and black and red. i want a truck for my 16th birthday and i want it to be black with a white decal fox sticker on the back and i want it to be able to carry my dirtbike so i can take it everywhere. my favorite movie is supercross.

Riding Goals

I want to be good enough to race in the supermini boys class and do ok in it. i also want to be able to hit the catapult at my house before the end of this summer this year.

Competitive Highlights

I have been racing in the indoor series this winter and i discovered that the riders are very competitive and do anything to win. so i have tried to become more competitive one the indoor series and i think i have succeeded!