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Personal History

  Hello  my name is Jesus Zavala ( Zavle as my friends call me ) I’m 29 years old married with a French girl where we live in Valle de Bravo ( host of 2009 world Enduro Championship ) a beautiful   small town in the hills that is  two hours from Mexico city where we own the local Husaberg and Husqvarna dealership.

All my life I have been surrounded by dirt bikes thanks to my Dad who is still at age 64 a Veteran National Enduro Champion as well as my  whole family involvement in motorbikes including my mom, my sister and my wife. At age 4 was when I got my first chance behind a handlebar and was not until the age of 14 when I entered my first off-road race.

Riding Goals

Here in Mexico you must have a lot of money if you want  to become a good racer I used to have my father’s support but since I got married it has all changed so this is the main reason I am looking for sponsorship. 

The reason I am searching for sponsorship is due to that 2010 looks to be one of the best in my racing career. I have been chosen to be team leader of the Husqvarna Enduro team. As you well know Husqvarna and Red Bull are  world renowned brands that generates large media coverage around their riders where there plan for the team this year is to take us abroad to race in the following events.

Erzberg Rodeo ( I have raced that event in 2008 and finished 38th within official time.

Red Bull-Romaniacs ( I have raced that event too this 2009 finishing in 13th place.)

National and Latin-american championship

The Roof of Africa.

ISDE Mexico

Six Days Crazy Job in Bulgaria.

Competitive Highlights

My career  racing Highlights have been the following:

 2000-ISDE Granada Spain Junior Trophy team member.

2001-2nd place in Latin-American championship after 2 rounds.

2003-ISDE  Fortaleza Brazil  Trophy team member (where we received the Watling Trophy ) .

2004-1st place over all Red Bull Coast to Coast (Mexico).

2004-2nd place National Enduro Championship.

2005-2nd  place over all Red Bull Coast to Coast , 1st of my class E2.

2007-1st place “KTM 24 hours extreme Enduro”, class Ironman.

2007-2nd place in Mexican round of the Latin-American championship class E3.

2008-2nd place in Latin-American championship after 2 rounds.

2008 Erzberg Rodeo Finished 38th place

2009 Red Bull Romaniacs. 13th place.

2009 Six Days Enduro Portugal.

2009- 3rd place in Latin American Championship.