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Personal History

Hello, My name is Jhayden Scalici. I am 7 years old,i am in first grade and  i love to ride my dirtbike. I started riding a dirtbike when i was 4 years old. I had to first learn how to ride a pedal bike. My dad took the training wheels off a gave me a push down a little hill and away i went. He brought home a little pw 5o and asked me if i wanted to try to ride it and i said yeah it came with training wheels but i never needed them. Since that day i have been riding dirt bikes i went from a pw 50 to a pw 80 then when i told my dad that i really wanted to race he bought me my Husqvarna 50 and man that thing is fast. This is my first season racing it is alot of fun. My dad says that i have to do chores before i can ride my bike because it is a exspensive sport so i have to help out around the house. I also have to do good in school that is a big thing to have good grades and good attendance and not to get into trouble.

Riding Goals

I want to approve on my racing abilitys, cornering and holeshots are one of my biggest right now but practice will get to that point.

Competitive Highlights

Well holeshots have been tough for me so when i am not first out of the gate i have to really push there is some good compotition out there so catching the guy in front has been fun, coming into the corner and whereever they are hi or low i try to  take the opposite and try to push as hard as i can to be the first to the next jump or next corner.