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Rider Updates

Apr 2 2009

Mar 28 2009


Feb 25 2009

In preperation for the March 7 Mill Creek race, a practice day results in a broken wrist. Unfortunately a small crash over a double caused me to break my wrist. The good news is that its not a bad break and should heal up fine. The bad news is I will definately miss the Se Quads season opener at Mill Creek MX.



Jan 24 2009

The date is set for the SE Quads Season opener. March 7, 2009 will mark the first race of the season for the SE Quads race series. Team J Kiser racing is looking forward to a great season. With last years gas crunch and low turnout to many races, the season was not near as good as hoped for. I missed several races due to the gas shortage and the finishes for me last year was not as good as I wanted to be. With the addition of the Suzuki, (im still deciding which one will be the motocross bike this year) Im hoping to get more practice time and much better results. Thanks to Answer Racing for coming aboard for 2009.

Nov 24 2008

For the anticipated upcoming 2009 race season, team J Kiser Racing has added a new mx atv to the squad. This season the decision has been made to run all mx races for 2009 on the newly purchased Suzuki LTR450. " I am are definately going to keep th Honda but it will be modified into a GNCC set up so we can run some cross country races too" says Jimmy Kiser.

Photos of the new Suzuki will be here soon. Check back

Nov 14 2008

Jimmy Kiser of the Team, DNA Energy Drink #14 Honda reflects back on an up and down year. this year was not the best one one for me but definately not the worst either" Kiser states that he will be racing in a few winter series as well as riding and training for the upcoming 2009 season. "Im looking forward to making a good presence next season"

Aug 16 2008

A less than perfect day shows for team and DNA Energy Drink. A first moto wild crash out of the gate results in fourth place finsh for moto 1. "I could see someone coming over on me at the first turn and just got my front tire. After that it was a crazy flip sideways. Nothing I could do" states a dissapointed Kiser after the race. Moto 2 came with a 5th place finish as well. "I was timid into the first turn obviously if you saw our last start and just didnt have anything for the guys in my class. They are all really fast riders and you have to be on your A game to compete. I wasn't plain and simple" Round 6 heads back to the home town of pro ATV racer Keith Little for an August 30 night race in Russelville, AL.

Jun 28 2008

The #14 DNA Energy Honda raced to an overall 2nd place finish on Saturday night at Bremen MX. In moto 1 after a tight start the #14 Honda made it to 3rd where it stayed the entire moto. Moto 2 was the same but stayed in the 2nd spot until the checkered flag. Next race back at Bremen in two weeks.

Jun 15 2008

Round 3 of the SEquads series was held at Bremen MX in Bremen GA this past weekend. The DNA energy drink Honda placed 5th overall. A 5th place start in Moto 1 led back up to 3rd place but a stalled motor on the back side of the track put me back in 6th. Moto 2 start was similar but couldn't make it past 5th for an overall 5th place.

May 17 2008

I took a trip up to Union City TN for a two day riding school at 2 time ATVA champ Joe Byrds house where he has the Joe Byrd quad riding school. This certainly proved to be a valuble and fun experience. I learned alot of thing that I didnt know or did know but was doing wrong. I reccomend to all ATVers.

May 9 2008

I will be changing my number from #4 to #14. The reason for the change is of course another #4 in the class with me in the SEQuads series. Not only that but in other close by series Ive run into the same situation. So rather than me or the other rider having to slash the number every time, I went ahead and added the 1 in front of mine. Look for some cool new graphics and a new look in the coming days. Pics will be here soon....

May 3 2008

Round 2 of the SEQuads event wa held in Russelville, AL at Littles MX. This track is run by Greg Little, the brother of pro ATV Racer Keith Little. Moto one made for a terrible start and a crash in moto two did not help the day. Not a good day for the DNA Energy Drink Honda. Better luck next race.....

Apr 13 2008

Apr 7 2008

Apr 7 2008

Apr 4 2008

Mar 26 2008