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Personal History

  My name is Joe Dare. I am 53 years old, but don't let that fool you. I got into motocross for fun and to prove all my doctor's wrong. In 1995,  I was in a skydiving accident that crushed all my bones from the waste down. My doctor's told me I would never be able to do the things I used to do. I spent 6 months in a wheel chair from it, but continued to work as hard as I could to get back to my old self. My legs are mostly metal rods. I started to do Karate to get my stregnth back. I am now a black belt. I am fast and I can hang with all the young bucks. I started riding dirtbikes in 1998 to help me gain more stregnth and it was another extreme thing to do.  I rode for fun with friends doing some trails and a little mx. My son got into the sport and started riding with me. He wanted to become competetive and race so I followed him along, I thought it would be fun. I started racing harescrambles, but my son kept hitting too many trees. We then ventured into motocross together. I would practice 3 times a week, 8-10 hours a day. There was no end of the season for me. Rain or snow, 10 degrees outside, if I could start my bike I was riding.

  My new goal was to become a great rider and get that elusive # 1 plate in the Expert class.. That's what every rider wants. It was a new challenge for me. After a few bad seasons and a few good ones, I moved up quickly. Today I find myself this season sitting in 1st place for the season. I've rode with broken ribs, collarbones, a broken wrist, and a broken ankle. I finally got what I've been working so hard for. I've made it! Now I'm looking for some help. I love to ride and will keep on riding as long as I have support.  I have 2 sponsors right now and they are great to me. Show me some support and let me ride for you.

Riding Goals

 I already have my #1 plate that I have wanted for so long. My next goal is to qualify for Lorretta Lynn's and defend my #1 plate next season.

Competitive Highlights

2003-  250 A      8th place overall for the season

2003-  40+ A      7th place overall for the season

2004   40+ A      7th place overall for the season

2005-  40+ A      5th place overall for the season

2006-  40+ A      3rd place overall for the season

2007   40+ A       1st place overall for the season