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Personal History

I started riding when I was 4 & fell in love with it. My dad built me a small track in the field in front of our house. I started racing in 2016 but only got to do a couple races with school & trying to go to college. Ended up just riding for fun for awhile then had to sell my bike for financial reasons. Went out & got me a new bike & started racing again in 2020. I built a 1.5 mile motocross track, 1.5 mile woods track around the moto track, & two freestyle ramps at my parents property. I try to get out & ride every weekend I’m not racing & invite people out to ride. I want to introduce people to all types of riding & help them get better with the property I have. I want to progress my riding and start racing all over the US. I hope to start filming with the freestyle riding & post them online to promote my sponsors & get more people interested in riding.

Riding Goals

• To race the whole ixcr series for 2021 in C open
• To find and race a whole motocross series for 2021 in C open
• Race the 2021 Ironman amateur nationals and 2021 Ironman gncc
• Work on my freestyle riding and start making videos
• Gain exposure and promote sponsors
• To help get more people into riding and racing and help them get better
• Travel to race and ride all over the US and live the moto dream

Competitive Highlights

I've taken some hard hits with broken fingers and ribs but still finished the race i don't like to give up.