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Rider Updates

Jun 24 2015

Going to finger lakes st park this weekend to really test out the new KTM! Just finished break in today and changed the oil, should be ready! Love this bike so far! My works connection skid plate came in love it! Need more on the bike for woods! 

Jun 4 2015

SO EXCITED!!!!! Picking up the new KTM 350 XCF today!! My dream bike is now mine! I hope I can be really good on it.

May 10 2015

I rode today...I'm really not liking all this rain. I hate this mud! I gotta work on riding better in the mud, i'm worried coming off a jump and the front tire sliping out in the mud. I"ll be riding every day this week after school to get better in the mud. Cant wait for summer! Long days of riding coming up and lots of races, should be a lot better after this summer. I'm thinking about swiching to a KTM 300, just need the money and support to make the switch!

Apr 14 2015

I just got back from Nicaragua a few days ago, i did alot of riding down there and i told some people that ride about some of my sponsers. They said they are going to buy some parts, especally tires. I told alot of them about nice helments and goggles so that they can actually be safe when they are riding. i hope that i helped spread the companys.

Apr 1 2015

I will be going to Nicaragua this week and im going to rent a bike down there so i can ride around and get the feel of all diffrent terrians and styles of riding, I really hope riding down there will make me improve the way I ride here. Riding is the most important thing to me and i just want to be the best i can! i plan on taking lots of trips to ride too, tis will be the first out of countrey and i really hope it helps! i will let the locals know about all my sponsors while im down there!

Mar 22 2015

I went to St. Joe and I rode all the trails and was going pretty fast the whole time, I found i need to improve on my braking into turns and keep the bike at higher RPM'S. Im doing really good on hills. Thanks to my sponsors ive been getting lots of new bike parts and gear! Thank you all!