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Personal History

I learned to ride by practicing first on a Razor 350 electric motorcycle. I rode this before I even learned to ride a bicycle. My dad bought me a 2009 Honda CRF50 for Christmas in 2010. It took me a few months in summer of 2011 to get used to it. In 2012  I got a used 2004 CRX70, I did my first Pee Wee Scramble on this bike. With the need to learn how to ride a motocross bike with a clutch I borrowed a friends KTM 65, what a rocket ship it was. It took just a few days to get to under stand the clutch as compared to my CRF's. 

Now I am riding a 2007 Kawasaki KX65. I have practiced at Capeway, Thunderbowl MX, and CT MX. 

I have had private lessons with Tony LaRusso. I look forward to competing in as many NETRA Pee Wee Scrambles as I can this year!

My little brother and sister will probably start to ride soon. My little brother loves motorcycles, he has a PW50, and a KTM mini adventure.

I look forward to busy season. 

Thanks, John.

Riding Goals

For 2014; I hope to race race in several motos at Cape Way Rovers in Middleboro, MA. Netra Pee Wee Scrambles and J Day Off road Series. I want to start the season warming up on my 2012 KTM 50SX, and finish the season off with my 2007 Kawasaki KX65.

My new goals for 2015 are to be in the top 5 every race at Capeway this season on my 2014 KTM 65sx. I also hope to convince my dad to buy me a Kawasaki 85 too !

I have been getting some practice in this winter at JWTF in Maysville, NC.