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Rider Updates

Aug 24 2023

This past week I won $20 at Thursday night motocross for getting the fresh start recovery holeshot award! Check out my new instagram hashtag #holeshothabz to see my holeshots!

I will be racing 8/25/2023 at Albany MX.  On 9/3/23 I am excited to be racing at the 2023 Vintage Race at EugeneMX Park.  

Very excited for the EugeneMX Winter series to start back up.  I look forward to regularly racing in this!

I am looking for sponsors for the 2023-2024 racing season!  If you are interested in sponsoring me for the 2023-2024 season, send me an email or message me on! Let's Goooo!


Jul 24 2023


Last week I attended a riding camp with Theclinic_MX at Parc Moto in Canby, Oregon.  Coach Smith helped me improve my cornering and overall confidence on the bike.  After attending this camp, I competed at the Pacific Northwest Amateur Nationals in Washougal and I placed 11th overall.  Horsepower Hill was really fun!

I still race on Thursday nights at Thursday Night Motocross.  I plan to race these for the remainder of the season and chase some serious points!  

I am also planning on racing at all the Albany MX park races this summer and fall.  I also go to the Wednesday afternoon practices up at Albany each week and I am seeing improvement on raceday from doing this.

I am currently looking to secure sponsorships for the 2024 race season.  I would like to get a tire and oil sponsorship.  If you sponsor me, you will get a permanent spot on my bike graphic :0)

Follow me on Instagram for regular updates @jhabz22

Let's Goooo!

Mar 27 2023

March 26th Round 8 EMX Winter Series Update:

Best day of racing this season, but still lots of improvement to be made.  Finished 7th in the 65cc Beginner class and now am 12th overall in this division.

In the 65cc Open, finished 8th overall and moved up to 11th overall in this division.  

Plan for this week is to ride at the Albany MX Park this Friday for practice, and then race in Albany on Sunday 4/2/23 in both 65cc Beginner and Open classes. 

Mar 15 2023

Just uploaded a race day video of John battling with another Yamaha rider this past weekend.

Mar 15 2023

Update 3/15/23

Just updated the racing event schedule through mid-April. The twin air filters were installed today and ready to go for the next race. The Flo Motosports Brake and Clutch levers were installed last week and work great! The Klean Freak wipes worked great and we shared some with our neighbors at the last race. They liked them a lot!

Yesterday and today were great practice days. Sunny and warm! Rare in Oregon in mid-March! Both days had good weather and allowed 2 hours of riding practice to take place. The focus was on 2nd gear starts and working figure 8’s for cornering practice. 

A new Tusk wireless hour meter was installed today and tomorrow (3/16) the new vforce 4 Reed will be installed. 

John will start using Rockett Brand Blue 100 Octane blue racing fuel. Hoping to increase bikes performance with these latest bike upgrades.

Our next door neighbors (Grandpa and Grandma Black) will be upgrading the practice track this summer. The plan is to increase the size to a full size MX track. We will send pictures with updates! 

Lots of great upgrades! Should help on race day! The Haberly racing crew greatly appreciates our sponsors!