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Personal History

I am 15 years old and have been riding since I was 3.  This past season I had hoped to compete at GNCC and MAXC races nationally, but due to my dad relocating for a job, we limited our racing to local races.   2014 was a challenging year for me.  It was my first year riding a big bike and trying to compete on my dad's old 2000 KTM 250EXC. Yes, I said a 2000 KTM.  My season was plagued with many challenges.  I broke my swing arm the first race of the season, and went from leading the entire race to finishing 4th.  The Second race I broke my thumb.  I still finished the 2nd race with a 3rd place finish.  The fourth race I competed in, I got a severe concussion.  I continued to finish the race trying to get points.  I ended up 5th at that race.  Finally, the last race I did this season was in September and it was also my first race since my concussion and the doctors released me to race.  I ended up 2nd place at that race.  In 2015 I am planning on racing IXCR, MAXC, GNCC and Stoney Lonesome MC Hare Scrambles. My goal is to finish the season in the top 3 for the B Class.  

I am a competitive kid who loves to race.  It's what my family loves to do.  We look forward to traveling and camping at the races, making new life long friends.   I also take trips to Michigan's upper pennisula three times a year to ride with friends I have made at races when I lived in Wisconsin.  We take riding vacations.  My dad is a Mechanical Engineer and just finished his MEES through the U of W Madison.  He is my inspiration and my roll model in life.  I hope to someday attend UW and also get an Engineering degree.

Currently, my family is living in two different states while my dad works in Maryland and my mom is letting me finish out my high school where all my friends and riding opportunities are.  It's hard for my family to be apart, but we all make sacrifices for the better of our lives.  My dad travels home every weekend to be with me and take me riding.  He drives 10 hours each way to be with me.  That is my drive for this coming year to be the best I can.  

I love being a roll model for the younger kids at the races.  I want to encourage them and give them advice.  This leads to the reason I race the number 54.  6 years ago, a friend to my family and a racing influence on me died in a bad truck accident.  He was only 20 at the time and was like an older brother to me.  His number was 54.  I want to keep his number alive and racing.  He was always a fun guy at the races who always had a smile and something nice to say about everyone once the race was over.  I am that way.. I always make sure I leave that track knowing I did my best and raced a fair race.  I always believe the person you are on the track is a person your grandparents and parents will be proud of.  Always treat others as you want to be treated.  Be assured though, when the 10 seconds is yelled out and the flag is dropped, I am going to race my heart out for you and not quit.

I am pretty excited that I finished the series at Stoney Lonesome MC in 2nd place for the championship!  

Besides riding Hare Scrambles, I also enjoy putting studs on the bike and riding on the ice in the winter.. I follow Supercross, Motocross and Trials.  

My current bikes are a KTM250EXC, a 290 GAS GAS Trials bike, and I am in the process of rebuilding a 1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 with my dad for me to ride to school next year when I turn 16.  

Racing GNCC next year will allow me to have more weekends with my dad since he lives in Maryland.  My mom and I will drive out to the races with our 30' toy hauler to meet up with dad.  My dad may even start racing again at the age of 51.  

Any sponsorship help I can receive will go to helping me fulfill a passion and dream to compete nationally in 2015.

Thanks for your consideration,

John Henry C. Robinson


Riding Goals

2015 Podium National and Local Races on my 2000 KTM 250EXC in the B Class.  Series include: IXCR, GNCC, and Stoney Lonesome MC

To compete at my best ability and promote the sport of motorcycling.  Practice every day I can, of course this comes after homework.  


Competitive Highlights

2014 2nd Place C Lites Class Championship, Stoney Lonesome MC, Columbus, Indiana

2013 2nd Place Super Mini Class Championship, Stoney Lonesome MC, Columbus, Indiana

2012 3rd Place Super Mini Class Championship, Stoney Lonesome MC, Columbus, Indiana

2011 3rd Place Super Mini Class Championship, Stoney Lonesome MC, Columbus, Indiana

2010 2nd Place 65CC Championship, Stoney Lonesome MC, Columbus, Indiana

2009 2nd Place 65CC Championship, Stoney Lonesome MC, Columbus, Indiana

2008 3rd Place 50CC Pre Mix Championship, Stoney Lonesome MC, Columbus, Indiana